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Once burned, twice shy next door

It's too soon to tell how this project might evolve, but there's no doubt Pendleton is no longer as vulnerable to the corporate push on wind power as it used to be. An informed citizenry makes all the difference. There's not a full-time farmer in these mountains who wouldn't understand and sympathize with the Cow Knob families' desire to hang on to their land. ...But as much as we get their motives, we also know they're setting themselves up for a costly, protracted battle.
24 Jun 2011

Pendleton asked to create wind energy ordinance

Once again, the Allegheny Highlands is gearing up to debate the merits of commercial wind energy - this time for a project on Shenandoah Mountain. Solaya Energy LLC has been monitoring wind resources along a five-mile stretch of the ridgeline there to determine whether it‟s a good site for roughly 23-25 industrial wind towers. At this point, the company believes the location has strong potential.
24 Jun 2011

Shaffer urges Mineral County Commission to approve Wind Force 'Bill of Rights'

Shaffer said the escrow agreement would assure that the wind farm "is paid for from the first shovel of dirt to start construction of the wind farm to the decommissioning of the last standing turbine. "This is the document that will protect individual land owners, and guarantee that turbines on leased or purchased land are the responsibility of the group in possessoin of the turbines when their useful life is over.
25 Nov 2010

Mineral County Commissioners have more questions for U.S. Wind Force

The study, required by the West Virginia Public Service Commission as part of its permitting process, is designed to determine the cost of decommissioning, or dismantling, a wind farm after it has exceeded its useful life. That money is then set aside as a means of ensuring that the useless turbines are not abandoned with no means of funding their removal.
29 Oct 2010

A battle in mining country pits coal against wind

Lorelei Scarbro's husband, Kenneth, an underground coal miner for more than 30 years, is buried in a small family cemetery near her property here at the base of Coal River Mountain. The headstone is engraved with two roosters facing off, their feathers ruffled. Kenneth, who loved cockfighting, died in 1999, and, Ms. Scarbro says, he would have hated seeing the tops of mountains lopped off with explosives and heavy machinery by mining companies searching for coal.
15 Aug 2010

Environmental Protection looking at Grant County wind farm proposal

A Grant County wind project that received state Public Service Commission approval in September is now in the hands of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. Plans for the AES New Creek project call for placing up to 66 wind turbines on a 7-mile stretch of New Creek Mountain ...The project is now awaiting the DEP's decision on its stormwater construction permit. The 30-day public comment period for the permit closed Thursday.
1 May 2010

Pinnacle project allowed to proceed

The West Virginia Public Service Commission will not reconsider its decision to allow US Wind Force to develop a 23-turbine wind farm atop Green Mountain near Keyser. The PSC initially granted the project's permit Jan. 11. But the Allegheny Front Alliance, a group opposing the project, filed an appeal Jan. 21, asking the commission to take up the matter again.
1 May 2010

Group appeals PSC's wind farm decision; Petition targets Green Mountain Pinnacle project

Opponents of a planned Mineral County wind farm have appealed to the West Virginia Public Service Commission to reconsider its decision to allow the project to go forward. On Jan. 11 the PSC approved a permit allowing developer US Wind Force to move forward with its plans to build up to 23 wind turbines atop Green Mountain in Mineral County.
18 Feb 2010

Allegheny Front Alliance appeals Pinnacle Project

The Allegheny Front Alliance has appealed the West Virginia Public Service Commission's approval of the Pinnacle Wind Farm, delaying construction of the 23-turbine project atop Green Mountain. The Alliance, which represents opponents to the Pinnacle project, filed its "petition for reconsideration" late last month, submitting a 13-page appeal that raises a number of issues with the approval.
16 Feb 2010

Not on my ridgeline

Tazewell County Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance that prevents wind farm construction on specified locations. Wind industry supporters say it's an example of how the "anti-wind agenda" is gaining steam. It's one of the latest ordinances in the country adopted by local government that prevents wind farm construction as the federal government is pushing for cleaner greener technologies.
5 Feb 2010
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