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School board will take no position on wind farms

Despite a potential windfall of $300,000 a year or more for schools, the Mineral County Board of Education will not take a position in support of the proposed Pinnacle Wind Farm prior to the September hearing on the project to be conducted by the West Virginia Public Service Commission. Officials from U.S. WindForce appeared before the school board earlier this month to preview the project atop Green Mountain just west of Keyser, as well as the plan to divert about three-quarters of the wind farm's property tax revenue to the school system. Opponents of the project appeared before the board at the same time.
31 Jul 2009

Mineral looking for wind farm tax figures

A contract has yet to be drafted, but there was discussion during a work session Tuesday among the county commissioners and representatives from US Wind Force as to how the company would guarantee tax money to come into the county. "I'm trying to protect the people in Mineral County," Commission President Wayne Spiggle said. "I want to try to ensure they have the tax income from this industry. This industry has a unique taxation base."
22 Jul 2009

Governor Says Wind Energy Should Pay More

Governor Joe Manchin says his new wind energy bill is all about that industry paying its fair share to the state. The bill was introduced in the state Senate Friday and Manchin discussed the bill with MetroNews Monday. Manchin says, “If we are going to grow the state the way we need to it has to be a fair level playing field.” The bill would nearly eliminate the salvage rate the wind farm owners currently pay in property taxes and instead they would pay regular property tax rates. They would also be required to pay B&O Taxes like other power producing facilities. The wind farm owners could earn tax credits by investing in local community projects.
5 Feb 2007

Tax Increases For Wind Industry

Legislation (HB2818/SB441) from Manchin introduced today would increase the amount of taxable electricity generated by wind turbines from five percent to 12 percent of capacity. The proposal would also credit wind farms for any money or land they agree to donate to local governments or schools. But only agreements reached before this year would be eligible for credits under the bill. Administration officials say the bill responds to concerns about this new energy industry paying its fair share in West Virginia. West Virginia has one wind farm, a 44-tower complex in Tucker County. But several more have been proposed, including one in nearby Grant County where developers want to plant 200 turbines.
3 Feb 2007

Grant residents sue to block wind turbine project

Seven Grant County residents have filed suit to try to block construction of 200 giant wind turbines proposed near their homes. Jerome E. Burch and six other residents sued developers of the $150 million Mount Storm wind project. In their 14-page complaint, the residents allege that the NedPower Mount Storm LLC project will be a “nuisance” and “an eyesore” that creates excess noise and kills birds and bats. The suit also alleges that the project will generate little power but receive lucrative federal and state tax breaks.
30 Nov 2005
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