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Imprudent, Unreasonable, Unnecessary, Approved

In truth, it is hard to imagine a worse factual record, a worse example of wasting ratepayer money and imposing ratepayer risk.  For $300 million or more the company will receive only 12 megawatts of power and with the assumed operational efficiency of the turbines that will work out to 78 cents per kilowatt hour.  Then a hurricane may wreck it.
2 Nov 2018

Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by wind farm opponents in Botetourt

The road that could lead to Virginia’s first commercial wind farm passed through a Botetourt County courtroom Wednesday without hitting a speed bump. Circuit Judge Paul Sheridan dismissed a lawsuit filed by five county residents that, at the least, had threatened to slow down plans to build up to 25 giant turbines on top of North Mountain, where they could begin converting wind to electricity by the end of 2017.
17 Dec 2015

Wind turbine foes sue Botetourt County

Filed last week in Circuit Court, the lawsuit challenges an ordinance passed in June by the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors in anticipation of a company’s plans to build up to 25 turbines on a ridgeline north of Eagle Rock. (Botetourt County Circuit - Civil Division, Case # CL15000415-00) 
28 Jul 2015

Senate panel OKs wind turbines bill

A proposal by Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Louisa, to protect birds and bats from wind turbines passed a committee vote Thursday and was referred to the full Senate. "I want to make this abundantly clear — and I’ll speak really slowly — this bill is in no way, shape or form designed to be an anti-wind bill,” he said.
17 Jan 2014
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