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VCE Annette Smith David Sleigh Press Conference Feb. 8, 2016

Annette Smith, executive director and founder of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, conducted this press conference following notice that the Vermont Attorney General had initiated a criminal investigation into whether Ms. Smith was practicing law without a license. Minutes before the press conference was to begin, Ms. Smith was notified by her attorney, David Sleigh, that the AG had closed his investigation and would not pursue the matter further. Ms. Smith used the opportunity of the press conference to shed light on the problems with renewable energy siting in the state and the difficulties facing members of the public in participating in the process. 
8 Feb 2016

Vermont's Energy Options

This updated short feature from a larger documentary entitled Vermont's Energy Options examines several of the paths towards a renewable energy future for the state of Vermont. In this feature, utility-scale renewable energy is compared to community-oriented, small-scale renewable energy solutions. This feature, and the future full-length documentary, is produced by non-profit Energize Vermont. Energize Vermont advocates for renewable energy solutions that are in harmony with the irreplaceable character of Vermont and contribute to the people's well-being. Learn more at Duration 23 minutes 13 seconds
29 Aug 2012

Lowell wind turbine part tips truck; closes I91 in Vermont

A trailer carrying a 115,000 pound base column for a wind turbine detached from the truck hauling it and rolled off Interstate 91 Southbound in Irasburg near the Orleans exit. Green Mountain Power is trucking parts from Island Pond to Lowell Mountain where it is building 21 turbines on the ridgeline. About 120 truckloads are slated to make the trip through September. Duration 1 minute 48 seconds
20 Jul 2012

Lowell wind protest in Vermont: Turn it back!

Over 150 protesters in Vermont blocked deliver of turbine components to Green Mountain Power's Lowell Wind energy facility now under construction. At least 30 law enforcement officers were deployed at the protest including federal border control officers. The protest became heated at several points when two Vermonters were arrested. Residents in northern Vermont were visibly frustrated at the State's aggressive push to site industrial scale turbines on the ridgelines. The State of Vermont prohibits billboards. Duration: 3 minutes 53 seconds 
18 Jul 2012

Vermont's Energy Options

Vermont's Energy Options is a documentary work-in-progress being produced by non-profit Energize Vermont. The purpose of the documentary is to examine the different paths Vermont has to a renewable energy future and create a dialogue around their respective impacts and benefits. Duration: 19 minutes 27 seconds
1 Jan 2012

The economics of Lowell Mountain Wind

In this interview, Tom Evslin explains how the economics of the Lowell Wind project in Vermont will drive up use of fossil generation. Evslin is a former member of the Clean Energy Development Fund board and the former chief technology officer under Vermont's Douglas administration. Duration: 5 minutes 26 seconds
7 Dec 2011

This is green energy?

This video documents the mountain top destruction happening on Lowell Mountain in Vermont in order to construct a 21-turbine wind power plant. Other clips on the construction can be found here. Duration 1 minute 38 seconds
7 Nov 2011
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