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WTF: What's up with the dead wind turbine in South Burlington?

The unit worked well "for about a decade" until it started breaking down; ...Atlantic Orient turbines were prone to gearbox failures. Atlantic Orient spent thousands trying to fix it until the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2002. Dynapower's staff attempted its own repairs, with no success. The turbine has sat dormant ever since.
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Big wind an out-of-date solution

“When it comes to energy development in Vermont, the industrial wind industry leads the “old way” pack. Wind operators and developers have been living off federal subsidies since the early 1990s and have been wreaking havoc in Vermont for just as long. It’s time to boot them out of the state…”
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Windham officials clash with developer over turbine talks

At this point, the back-and-forth does not appear to jeopardize the scheduling of a townwide vote on the project later this year. But Windham Selectboard Chairman Frank Seawright said he’d rather there be no reason for that balloting. “Unless something else happens, we will hold a vote,” Seawright said Wednesday. “I’d hope that (Iberdrola) would decide to abandon the project before then, though.”
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Grafton Select Board tussles over wind project issues

The Grafton Select Board zipped through the first seven items on its Monday, April 4 agenda with unanimous votes and even some friendly banter, but got mired on the next two, which asked if a lawyer should be hired to represent the town and if the Select Board should send a set of unanswered questions back to wind developer Iberdrola and Meadowsend Timberlands.
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Market Policies, Emissions Goals on Collision Course in New England

Backers of gas generation countered that renewables are benefiting from government-backed subsidies and long-term contracts that threaten to reintroduce government-mandated integrated resource planning. ...state policies are giving renewables undue advantage and undermining conventional generators’ investments in the market.
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Vermont AG drops probe against Big Renewables critic

A critic of Big Renewables in Vermont is free from the threat of criminal prosecution after the attorney general’s office dropped an investigation launched in response to complaints from an anonymous green-energy developer. Standing before a large crowd, Annette Smith, surrounded by her attorney and victims of green-energy development, thanked supporters and the anonymous developer whose complaints against her backfired when Vermonters rallied to her cause.
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Massachusetts plan could spur hydro imports to New England

"Subsidizing an overdependence on one foreign government-owned source of electricity will lead to lost jobs and soaring energy bills for decades to come," said Dan Dolan, the group's president....Hydro-Quebec would use increased U.S. exports to subsidize lower prices for its provincial customers, in turn costing New England ratepayers an estimated $20 billion over 25 years.
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Energy Critics Make Strongest Statehouse Push

Wednesday brought the biggest show of force yet by Vermonters upset with the state’s siting process for energy projects. What has in recent years been a relatively small group of wind opponents has grown into a legion of people worried about wind and solar, including town leaders from across the state.
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