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Lightning strikes and wind turbines

Lightningatlowellmtvt_thumb This recent photo of the wind turbines on Lowell Mountain in northern Vermont in a lightning storm provokes the thoughts of the dangers of forest fires as these machines are erected throughout heavily forested areas in northern New England. 
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Fire from windmill seen from Route 8

Flames were visible from Route 8 and a state trooper on patrol called in the alarm. Eight firefighters and an engine were sent to the site. The fiberglass housing that covers the machinery of windmill number four was on fire. ...The windmill is so high in the air that we cannot reach it to perform any type of extinguishment efforts and we cannot be underneath it due to falling debris,” said March.
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Lowell wind project: Truck and trailer crash off access road, driver OK

A tractor trailer carrying a boom used to repair a wind turbine blade on Lowell Mountain slid off the steep wind project access road and down an embankment Monday afternoon. The driver of the truck was assisted by members of the Lowell Fire Department ...This is the second accident involving a large truck and trailer carrying large parts for the wind project.
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A wind turbine springs oil leak

Rob Pforzheimer, a Sutton resident and longtime First Wind critic, said, "This is the second haz mat spill [TNT truck in December] on this project and it hasn't even started producing anything yet. There will undoubtedly be more spills in the future.
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Truck carrying explosives overturns in Sheffield

Sheffield-Wheelock Fire Chief Marc Brown examines a blasting company truck that slid-off New Duck Pond Road in Sheffield Monday while a passing highway department truck sands the slippery roadway. A truck carrying 18,000 pounds of explosive material went off New Duck Pond Road in Sheffield and rolled over Monday morning.
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Caution on wind turbines

A lot of publicity about wind farms has been reported lately but there has been a notable lack of publicity about continuing failures at Searsburg, as well as other areas throughout the country. ...It should be noted that their touted life expectancy is speculative and not substantiated since so very few [turbines] have been operating for even 10 years.
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