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WTF: What's up with the dead wind turbine in South Burlington?

The unit worked well "for about a decade" until it started breaking down; ...Atlantic Orient turbines were prone to gearbox failures. Atlantic Orient spent thousands trying to fix it until the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in September 2002. Dynapower's staff attempted its own repairs, with no success. The turbine has sat dormant ever since.
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Big wind an out-of-date solution

“When it comes to energy development in Vermont, the industrial wind industry leads the “old way” pack. Wind operators and developers have been living off federal subsidies since the early 1990s and have been wreaking havoc in Vermont for just as long. It’s time to boot them out of the state…”
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Windham officials clash with developer over turbine talks

At this point, the back-and-forth does not appear to jeopardize the scheduling of a townwide vote on the project later this year. But Windham Selectboard Chairman Frank Seawright said he’d rather there be no reason for that balloting. “Unless something else happens, we will hold a vote,” Seawright said Wednesday. “I’d hope that (Iberdrola) would decide to abandon the project before then, though.”
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Grafton Select Board tussles over wind project issues

The Grafton Select Board zipped through the first seven items on its Monday, April 4 agenda with unanimous votes and even some friendly banter, but got mired on the next two, which asked if a lawyer should be hired to represent the town and if the Select Board should send a set of unanswered questions back to wind developer Iberdrola and Meadowsend Timberlands.
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Swanton set to vote down super-sized wind turbines

On Tuesday, town residents will meet at the Village Municipal Complex to vote on two articles pertaining to the siting of seven wind turbines on nearby Rocky Ridge. ...While the special election is days away, the winds are blowing strongly against the wind developers.
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We are "Victims of Industrial Wind"

Only when we experienced the noise firsthand, did we begin to understand and wonder just what we were facing. About six months in we realized the project is impacting us. We started connecting the sounds with how we feel. Hardly believed it was true until we started reading up on wind turbine syndrome. The same symptoms are echoed world wide!
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In Vermont, a milestone in green-energy efforts

"They are selling the renewable energy credits to customers in other states. Those customers have the renewable and clean energy benefits of that power," Levine said. "Simply using accounting measures to make claims about clean energy doesn't get us there."
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Plant closures to ruffle New England's energy market

On the same day Entergy announced the Vermont Yankee closure, the Algonquin Citygate basis futures contract for the January 2015 contract rose 50 cents per MMBtu. The Algonquin Citygate is a key delivery point and natural gas trading hub in Boston. Entergy cited lower natural gas prices, a result of a glut in supply, in its decision to shut down its Vermont facility in the fourth quarter of 2014.
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You Can Quote Me

There were planning issues, aesthetic issues, things that people get concerned about when one of these type of projects shows up in their backyard, their neighborhood, so we really felt, and the Commission felt, that we needed to emphasize the planning process more first and also give the public an opportunity, a much longer opportunity to respond. Right now, there's a 45-day public notice period when an applicant is going to file with the board.
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VEC Will Oppose Seneca Mountain Wind

Vermont Electric Cooperative will oppose any large new wind project in northern Vermont, including Seneca Mountain Wind, CEO David Hallquist says. That's because existing wind projects have introduced instability in the grid, prompting grid operator ISO-New England to order existing wind projects in Vermont and New Hampshire to cut back or "curtail" electricity output.
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PSB to hear Georgia Wind violations

The Public Service Board will receive filings about Georgia Mountain Community Wind's alleged blasting violations this month, according to a schedule agreed to both parties and accepted by the PSB on October 4. This is the first step in addressing the wind project's violations of its certificate of public good, which the PSB granted in June 2010.
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Federal agency issues First Wind migratory bird permit

Englander and Scott Darling, the district wildlife biologist for ANR, both noted during the heated public hearing on Monday night that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service already had issued a migratory bird permit to First Wind; the permit being sought for the bat takings is now in draft stage and Secretary Deb Markowitz ultimately will decide the matter.
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