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New twist in Georgia Mtn. wind dispute

A new twist on two fronts in the legal dispute surrounding the wind project now under construction on top of Georgia Mountain, and it involves, of all things, Bennington Battle Day ...Also Thursday, the Department of Public Service filed documents before the state Public Service Board seeking relief on a series of permit violations inspectors found in a site visit to Georgia Mountain.
23 Aug 2012

Wind Developer Blittersdorf Sues Project Neighbors

The restraining order prevents neighbors from using the parts of their property near the project for agricultural, recreational, or any other purpose. Residents have been riding horses, walking, training dogs, and grazing cattle in the area around the project site for years. "At no time has anyone from GMCW or David Blittersdorf himself come to us and said they wanted to work with us on these issues.
21 Aug 2012

Outside review critical of 1st wind noise monitoring

"I found the report to be overly complex and difficult. I disagree with some of the technical discussions and at times found them to be weak and at times misleading. Unfortunately, there was no requirement or interest to assess the acoustic environment for potential negative human responses; i.e., complaints. This greatly weakens the ability for regulating agencies to understand why people are complaining."
7 Aug 2012

A better path than wind

In short, ridgeline wind is extremely destructive relative to the energy it provides, it is not cost effective and likely will never be, it does not have good overall resource potential in this region, and there are much better alternatives that do have a good cost and resource outlook.
29 Jun 2012

A Change In The Wind

Recently I hiked up to the top of Lowell Ridge to see where 21, 400-foot wind towers will be placed. As I crested the mountain I came face to face with an energy policy that is at war with itself. The environmental destruction taking place there pits those seeking to reverse climate change against those who wish to preserve Vermont's pristine natural resources.
26 Apr 2012

Wind blows hot in Derby

Controversy continues to mount over the proposed Derby Line Wind Project. Vicky and Daniel Lewis live on Whittier Road, about one mile from where one of the turbines would be located. The Lewises came to the Derby Select Board's regular meeting, Monday evening, prepared with information and many questions for the board.
21 Feb 2012

In the case Of David V. Goliath

Our sense is that the laws pertaining to neighbor v. neighbor nuisances were never intended, or even conceived of, to respond equitably to an issue as far beyond "public nuisances" as this. David's farm is suddenly bordered by Goliath's score of 490-foot windmills and his construction crews numbering in the dozens, with Goliath complaining that David is a nuisance and finding a judge who agrees and enjoins David from using his own property.
19 Nov 2011

Hush money offered to wind dissenters

First Wind tried to end the appeal with a cash settlement that, according to one source, jumped to $2-million in a failed effort by the company to reboot negotiations. ...however, the company's offer stretched beyond the appeal. In addition to dropping their appeal, the members of the suit would have been required to sign off on a sound easement against their property. A gag order would have prevented them from talking about it.
19 Oct 2011

Smith: Whoa! to wind energy development in Vermont

We are in a fragile economy, with a glut of electricity available in New England at low cost for the foreseeable future. The price of solar energy is declining every day. More than 90 percent of Vermont's greenhouse gas emissions are from heating and transportation. With so much at stake for Vermont, the prudent thing to do is stop, look and listen. Wind developers and our political leaders owe it to all Vermonters and our wild creatures to make sure we get this right.
22 Aug 2011

Lowell wind project puts three communities at odds

The project will "significantly alter a 450-million-year-old iconic ridgeline visible throughout Orleans County. As stated in the 2005 Craftsbury Town Plan, our natural features are at the core of our sense of place and our community identity," the commission wrote. The town's three-member Selectboard agreed to endorse the Conservation Commission's letter and send it to the Public Service Board.
10 Apr 2011
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