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In Windham, state will look beyond local wind ban

“Windham has been studying commercial/industrial wind generation since 2004,” officials wrote. “Our 2008 town plan, re-adopted in 2013, contains a prohibition against this form of development based on the unique topography and settlement patterns of our town, our 10 years of research and knowledge and the support of the majority of our residents and property owners.”
26 Nov 2015

Fantasy show on wind turbines

An outsider might have felt the tug of sweet nostalgia. Unfortunately, many of the locals felt patronized, shut down and dismissed, as they are forced to struggle with the most serious problem the town as ever faced.
31 Oct 2015

Vermont wind project could be biggest in state; More than 100 people attend meeting to ask questions

Iberdrola is proposing a 96-Megawatt wind project that will cover 5,000 acres of property through the Stiles Brook Forest ...During the meeting, Iberdrola representatives explained where the project is in the time line, where it is headed and what benefits will be brought to the local economy. Briot said a proposal will be available to the public by fall 2016.
28 Oct 2015

Shumlin: Six proposed solar projects ‘too big’

But additional large-scale projects, including solar and wind, would pose problems for the electrical grid, according to Shumlin. “They build it before they think clearly and they can’t get it distributed to the folks who need it,” the governor said. “If you build projects of that size — the grid was not set up to be able to maximize the use of that power.”
24 Oct 2015

Blowing Blittersdorf Away

On Thursday night hundreds of people packed into the Irasburg Town Hall to tell renewable energy developer David Blittersdorf they don't want his industrial wind towers in their town. Out of 285 voters, 274 said "NO" to wind development in town.
3 Oct 2015

Grafton wind opponents set up storefront

The small, red 130-year-old building at 205 Main St. has served as the town post office, a real estate office and as a home for the Grafton Historical Society. Sitting inside the front room on Tuesday, Liisa Kissel declared, “Now, it has a new purpose.”
28 Sep 2015

Spanish energy company eyes Windham, Grafton for commercial wind

Developers who want to build a commercial wind project in Windham and Grafton say environmental surveys will start soon which will give them a clearer picture of where the turbines might go. For the past two-and-a-half years Iberdrola Renewables has been collecting wind data from three meteorological towers located on a high plateau that straddles the Grafton-Windham town line.
25 Sep 2015

Morgan community reacts to plans of solar power farm

Some leery residents believe Blittersdorf's ridgeline land purchases mean he also wants to bring wind to the small Northeast Kingdom town. "If you move it away from the lake and out of sight, I don't have a problem with it, but if you bring turbines, we'll have a major fight," said Bob Kern of Morgan. ...At the end of the meeting, locals voted 62-7 to have the select board try to intervene to stop the project.
22 Sep 2015

Wind developer gets extension to study Windham County site

The extension was approved despite objections from the town of Windham, where officials argued that the revised town plan “specifically prohibits both meteorological towers and commercial wind-energy systems.” Iberdrola’s requested extension represented a “substantial change” to the company’s plans, the town argued, so the new town plan should apply. But the Public Service Board, in an order dated Sept. 3, disagreed.
4 Sep 2015
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