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New wind testimony raises valid concerns

Rather than stand as a beacon of progress, the wind power development proposed by UPC for the Northeast Kingdom could have a devastating effect on the area's fragile environment, economy and communities. It's not worth the megawatts.
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Gov. Douglas defends record, faults Dems

Douglas readily admits that he is not a fan of large wind turbines on Vermont's mountaintops. He said that if Vermonters were more aware of the relatively low power output wind has to offer, they would likely agree with him....... "I see letters to the editors sometimes from people who apparently believe that (wind power) could replace Vermont Yankee, well that isn't even close to the amount of power that we get. So, I think if you weigh the relatively small amount of power versus the impact on the natural beauty of Vermont ... I come out on the side of saying it's not worth it.
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Vermont PSB Denies 'Certificate of Public Good' to East Haven Project

6911fnl_thumb ORDER IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED by the Public Service Board of the State of Vermont that: 1. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Hearing Officer are hereby adopted, as modified above. 2. The proposed Project will not promote the public good of the State of Vermont, and a certificate of public good shall not be issued pursuant to 30 V.S.A. § 248. Dated at Montpelier, Vermont, this 17th day of July , 2006.
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Utility bills go up, up and up

Patricia Braine, a videographer who lives in the Northgate apartments in Burlington, has already asked her utility providers for payment plans and extensions so she can afford bills she says have nearly doubled in a year.
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A confused senator?

Could it be that the confused senator's judgment is clouded by his personal relationship with certain landowners in Lowell who stand to make huge profits at our expense?
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How Northeast Kingdom sees wind

In the last couple of years I have watched Illuzzi do his fence jumping on the wind issues. One day he wants to destroy the ridgelines and if you wait a few weeks he doesn’t. It’s a lot like waiting for the wind to blow — you really never know where it’s coming from.
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Hugh Kemper's Remarks to the Windham Regional Commission

It is indisputable that this project would dramatically change Londonderry’s character, our environment, the quality of our lives and pose a threat to our tourist and second-home owner based economy. It makes no sense to sacrifice these first class assets for a second class energy source [industrial wind energy] that will have a negligible impact on emissions. Editor's Note: Hugh Kemper is a Director of NWW.
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UPC Wind's claims disputed

There are no definitive, objective studies of effects of wind energy projects on property values; however, real estate agents recognize and agree that properties with significant natural views have premium value and intrusions on these views erode value. Read all the references to "beautiful view" in real estate ads. People care greatly about view and buy accordingly.
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A friend of bats and people

If it does come down to making a choice, bats or humans, obviously we are going to choose humans. But in choosing humans, we also are counting on human ingenuity to preserve and protect our fellow tenants on the earth. True enough, it's a fine line, a razor's edge. But if we don't walk this particular path, then we all will end up walking on a paved sidewalk in a concrete jungle, instead of in a world where - in some places - things grow green.
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It’s Easy Being Green a Vermonter, I’m for preserving our ridgelines (as Act 250 was designed to do) and our natural landscapes. The integrity of our environment is not only a source of our strength and pride it is also critical to our economic wellbeing. It makes no sense to sacrifice who and what we are and what we have for no useful purpose.
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