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Sheffield family pleads for help from town

"We are becoming very ill due to these towers behind us. We have appealed to everyone, I don't know whose responsibility it is to look after our safety, but we are now sick. I have doctors' notes. I have been put out of work. I want suggestions," said Therrien. "Somebody is responsible. We need resolution. We need to get out of there."
8 Feb 2013

Wind debate moves to a new chapter: Noise

"I'm feeling like we have to move," Steve Therrien said, adding that they can't afford to. "If you're not feeling well, and you know your kids are screaming, there's nothing you can do." The heated debate about wind energy in Vermont has moved to a new chapter: noise.
23 Dec 2012

Wind turbine noise cause real health problems

There are thousands of wind opposition groups all over the world. The story is the same everywhere. The audible noise and inaudible low frequency and infrasound are driving people from their homes. People do not abandon their homes for no reason. Noise from these big machines can extend three to six miles in mountainous terrain, with residents within 2 miles most at risk.
9 Nov 2012

Wind noise comes as a big surprise

"I thought at first they were testing the F-35 fighter, roaring right over the mountain," said Mr. Potter, who estimates that he lives between a mile and a half and two miles from the turbines. "It sounded like a jet airplane over there," said Frank Coulter, a town selectman who lives three miles east of the turbines on the Center Hill Road. A half mile further east in Albany Center, David Lawrence said: "It was like a jet plane all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday."
7 Nov 2012

Sheffield family's concerns over wind project noise see independent monitoring installed

Luann and Steve Therrien have been complaining since the spring about how noise from the turbines is impacting their family's sleep and more. ..."At Baily's [Luann's daughter] last doctor's visit, I voiced my concerns and she advised me move," she said. ...And Seager's [their toddler son] behavior is not good when the towers are loud." Special thanks to the Cal-Rec for permitting us to post this article in full.
19 Oct 2012

Outside review critical of 1st wind noise monitoring

"I found the report to be overly complex and difficult. I disagree with some of the technical discussions and at times found them to be weak and at times misleading. Unfortunately, there was no requirement or interest to assess the acoustic environment for potential negative human responses; i.e., complaints. This greatly weakens the ability for regulating agencies to understand why people are complaining."
7 Aug 2012

Sound the main issue at Public Service Board hearings on Lowell wind farm

While GMP has said it will comply with any noise standard the Public Service Board applies to the project, Margolis questioned whether they would have the tools to do so if real-world noise levels turn out to be higher than expected from the modeling. Turbines can be switched to a "noise-reduced operation" (NRO) mode, but the current project design already calls for NRO mode to be used, perhaps for thousands of hours a year, to comply with the 45 decibel standard.
24 Feb 2011

Expert supports Vermont's wind decibel standard

Margolis questioned McCunney's sweeping conclusion that noise below 45 decibels has a "virtually non-existent" risk of adverse health effects, based on one Dutch study. The study was on transportation noise, which McCunney agreed under questioning has a different character than the "swish swish" of wind turbine blades. McCunney also agreed, when the relevant text was pointed out to him, that the study did not even assess health effects of noise under 45 decibels.
12 Feb 2011

The Doctor Is In...

If your elected representatives decide to industrialize rural Vermont, that is fine and well - but it should be done with the same care and diligence that governs other sources of industrial noise. Airports no longer operate at night, and major highways that come close to where people live are built with sound barriers. Surely a tax-supported, lucrative business venture such as industrial wind can step up to the plate.
19 May 2010

Wind opponents want moratorium for health studies

Albany residents Shirley and Don Nelson would like the state to impose a moratorium on wind farm development until more studies are done on potential health problems. The Nelsons have been strong opponents to the proposed wind turbine farm in Lowell. The Nelsons live in Lowell on the eastern side of the mountain range.
13 May 2010

Wind turbines will harm health according to doctor

A doctor who has studied the health effects of a commercial wind power project in northern Maine brought his conclusion to the State House Friday morning, May 7. "There is absolutely no doubt that people living within 3,500 feet of a ridge line arrangement of 1.5 megawatts or larger turbines in a rural environment will suffer negative effects."
12 May 2010

Hospital hosts wind debate

The public got two very different views on the potential health risks posed by wind farms during a forum Thursday night at Rutland Regional Medical Center. About 100 people turned out for the forum, which was sponsored by the hospital and held in the CVPS/Leahy Community Health Education Center. Wind power has been a local point of contention.
7 May 2010

Wind turbines indeed noisy

We drove right up to the turbines on a very wide access road. Those turbines were loud! I've heard industry experts claim that a turbine is no noisier than a refrigerator. It makes me want to shout, "You lie!" as is in vogue these days. I can tell you from first-hand experience, industrial wind turbines are loud, and when you line up a bunch of them in a row, they are very loud.
22 Jan 2010

Like Chinese water torture

There has been much discussion lately about industrial wind power on Vermont's mountains. The Lempster, N.H., turbine site is often used as an example of a typical wind tower site, especially after Green Mountain Power's Dec. 5 bus trip for Lowell residents. I am a Vermont resident, but I have an insider's perspective of the Lempster site. I own two pieces of land on Lempster Mountain, one of which has been in my family for over 70 years.
20 Jan 2010
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