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At Lowell, Sheffield: DPS Commissioner concerned about turbine noise

Since October, 105 complaints about the big three wind projects have been collected by the DPS division on consumer affairs and public information, not including this complaint from McGrath. Some of those complaints are from the same people. Twenty-three different people have complained. In one case in November, 31 people joined to file a petition about wind noise about the Lowell wind project which prompted Green Mountain Power to adjust early operations.
10 May 2013

Sheffield: PSB Denies Resident Relief From Wind Farm Noise

"The noise monitoring plan is entirely under the control of First Wind, who chose the firm to design the plan and conduct the monitoring. This is a perfect example of 'the fox guarding the henhouse,' " Smith said Thursday. "The PSB's order further illustrates the near-impossibility of neighbors being able to participate in protecting their interests before the PSB."
4 May 2013

When will Rep. Klein be held accountable?

Rep. Klein is perhaps the most dogmatic supporter of large renewable energy projects in the Vermont Legislature. Being such a strong proponent, one would reasonably believe that he would have established a well-articulated rationale for his support. But a look at his record on big renewable energy reveals a pattern characterized by an absence of any objective rationale in support for his positions. In other words, he seems to be for large renewable energy projects simply because he thinks they're a good idea.
2 May 2013

Harnessing wind

It would be too bad if a project had local support but a moratorium quashed it. It would also be too bad if a project were universally despised in its host communities but a town's lack of standing in the process did not allow the PSB to take into account local views. ...Even boosters such as Shumlin say they don't want to cram any projects down townspeople's throats. The Legislature ought to be looking for ways that towns can be empowered to prevent that from happening.
25 Apr 2013

Vt. lawmakers look into health impacts of wind power

Although no meaningful legislation on ridgeline wind development is likely to emerge this legislative session, that's not stopping Vermont lawmakers from looking into its potential health impacts. The Senate Health and Welfare Committee heard testimony from victims, researchers and doctors concerned about a combination of symptoms that may be caused by low infra-sound vibrations-- from headaches to sleep loss.
24 Apr 2013

Lobbyist for wind power apologizes to Vt. panel

A lobbyist for an industry group supporting wind power apologized to a Vermont Senate committee on Wednesday after a witness she brought in called health concerns connected with wind power "hoo-hah," nonsense and propaganda. Gabrielle Stebbins, executive director of Renewable Energy Vermont, called the remarks of acoustics expert Geoff Levanthall unhelpful and offered an apology to the Senate Health and Welfare Committee after Leventhall testified at the hearing by phone from England.
24 Apr 2013

In New Ad, Vallee Hits Sanders on Wind Development

The Maplefields owner and gasoline distributor has ponied up $10,000 to run a new, 30-second attack ad on WCAX-TV for a week, according to the station. In it, Vallee accuses Sanders of seeking to "industrialize our mountains with giant wind turbines." "Once we sacrifice our mountains to big corporate interests, it will change Vermont forever," the ad's narrator says.
19 Apr 2013

Wind industry pulling out all the stops to defend its technology

Wind Spin leapt up a notch with news out of two new studies showing that people who say wind turbines are making them sick are making it up because they have been influenced by anti-wind campaigns. In other words, the wind industry says if you are sick it is because you are so stupid that you will believe anything someone tells you. And in Vermont, anti-winders were informed that they are part of a conspiracy to undermine the wind industry, in concert with the oil industry and the Koch Brothers.
8 Apr 2013

An ill wind is blowing

You cannot be at the same time a wind energy town and a location for retirees, second homes and the odd couple resettling. One of the area's most respected real estate agents has already made it clear that no one is interested in looking at land adjacent to the wind proposal property.
3 Mar 2013

Vermont, New England begin sobering up...Public support for ridgeline windparks erodes!

"Citizens investigating this technology's impact on their communities are deciding wind projects don't make for good neighbors. With four projects operating in Vermont and accumulating noise complaints, and another three communities with active developments, Vermonters are examining this technology ...We predict support will continue to erode as developers continue to push this technology on our communities," continued Snelling.
27 Feb 2013

What happened to Bill McKibben?

Why should we spend millions of dollars to destroy wildlife habitat, kill bats and eagles, pollute our headwaters, fill valuable wetlands, polarize our communities, make people sick, mine rare earth metals - just to ensure that we can consume as much or more next year than we did this year? The costs of industrial wind far outweigh the benefits ... unless you are a wind developer.
8 Feb 2013

Sheffield family pleads for help from town

"We are becoming very ill due to these towers behind us. We have appealed to everyone, I don't know whose responsibility it is to look after our safety, but we are now sick. I have doctors' notes. I have been put out of work. I want suggestions," said Therrien. "Somebody is responsible. We need resolution. We need to get out of there."
8 Feb 2013

Grafton to talk wind at town meeting

Town meeting voters will get to debate the pros and cons of the proposed wind project in Grafton and Windham. Select Board Chairman Allan Sands said Tuesday the Select Board had included an article in the 2013 town warrant that would allow a full discussion of the proposal.
30 Jan 2013
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