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Keith Ballek: Where is the Public Interest in VPIRG's Lobbying?

While walking the corridors of the Vermont Statehouse it can be difficult to distinguish between a Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) lobbyist and one working for an energy developer. In fact, one that was employed by VPIRG is still working at the Statehouse, but has recently become employed by industrial wind developers.
23 May 2016

Energy Siting Bill passes, but doesn’t guarantee peace

“We’re not happy,” said Penny Dubie, a Fairfield resident who has been hotly fighting the siting of wind projects since a seven-turbine Swanton project was proposed near her house. Legislators had just reached a final agreement on the bill and it didn’t go as far as the critics would have liked.
7 May 2016

Slayton: Vermont is under siege by the wind power industry

Across the length and breadth of our small, mountainous state, dozens of immense wind towers, taller than the Bennington Monument are either planned or already in place. With official sanction, this state is in the process of gradually industrializing and suburbanizing its mountains and high ridges. 
8 Apr 2016

Lessons about community from Windham

It has become a cliche to say, towns targeted for industrial wind installations are torn apart by the experience. If it’s an experience you haven’t had, you might well wonder what’s behind the cliche. If you really want to understand, you might start by asking the question, what is the nature of the bonds that hold a community together in the first place?
7 Apr 2016

Wind studies met with skepticism in Grafton

But no scientific studies are needed to gauge the level of skepticism some residents feel about the project. Even as wind developer Iberdrola Renewables and its consultants presented new findings inside the crowded Grafton Elementary School gym Tuesday night, some residents said they believed little of what they were hearing.
7 Apr 2016

Grafton Select Board tussles over wind project issues

The Grafton Select Board zipped through the first seven items on its Monday, April 4 agenda with unanimous votes and even some friendly banter, but got mired on the next two, which asked if a lawyer should be hired to represent the town and if the Select Board should send a set of unanswered questions back to wind developer Iberdrola and Meadowsend Timberlands.
6 Apr 2016

Motivated by wind debate, Dubie weighs another run

“… As a Vermonter who’s served and a Vermonter who feels accountable to policies that gives government an ax … I am committed, in a personal way, to make sure that I do everything I can to protect people that I know are being impacted who live next to these industrial wind turbines.”
1 Apr 2016

Wind developer, foes battle over who will have public's ear

“The goal of the public meetings … is to share information gleaned from site-specific evaluations of the Stiles Brook tract by the experts ...But opposition groups in both towns are criticizing that format. Rather than the informational booths Iberdrola is planning, Grafton Woodlands Group and Friends of Windham have lobbied for a panel discussion featuring representatives of both sides of the debate.
16 Mar 2016

Vermont’s energy rebellion expands to 118 towns

The “Vermont Energy Rebellion” has grown to 118 towns, according to Energize Vermont. One of the latest towns to join is Hardwick. When Hardwick adopted the Rutland Resolution in February, gaining control over energy siting was on the minds of many Selectboard members.
7 Mar 2016

Activists behind denied solar project say local control must be legislated

According to the board’s denial, the “Quechee test” requires that new development conform to a clearly written community standard intended to preserve an area’s scenic beauty and aesthetics. Bennington lawyers fighting the Apple Hill Solar half of the project wanted the test applied in their case, and Harris borrowed their work and inserted it into the record for the Chelsea Solar docket.
22 Feb 2016

Rigging the system

These powerful lawyers may have overplayed their hand. It has already caused embarrassment for them, as well as their firms, which in some cases are large, established and well-respected practices. Additionally, it could be a crushing blow to the future siting of wind and solar projects. 
7 Feb 2016

State investigating head of VCE

The head of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Annette Smith, is under criminal investigation by the Vermont attorney general’s office for the possible unauthorized practice of law. “I can confirm that a criminal investigation is underway,” Assistant Attorney General John Treadwell said in an interview Friday afternoon. “I cannot comment further at this time.”
23 Jan 2016
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