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PSB: Fines for Lowell Wind noise won't cover opponents' costs

Neighbors have complained to the PSB, the department and anti-wind groups about noise. The department is collecting that information. In some cases, GMP is working directly with neighbors to identify the causes of noisy conditions. ...Neighbor Shirley Nelson, who stated she is suffering illnesses caused by wind turbine noise, asked for the maximum penalty of $140,000 and also asked that GMP pay for more monitoring.
7 Aug 2013

Sheffield family say wind noise will force them to move

The family lives off the grid in a renovated hunting camp. They had plans for a bigger home near a spot where Luann says the view is spectacular when the leaves fall. But it's a view she said they will soon be forced to leave behind. "We were going to clear out back there and we were going to put a double wide in. That was what we were going to do," she said. "But now, even if we wanted to, we can't do that, because we can't stay."
2 Aug 2013

Lowell: State wants GMP fine to fund more monitoring

Shirley Nelson of Lowell, wants the maximum penalty possible of $140,000, saying GMP intentionally allowed the noise to happen - and continue. Nelson also wants full-time noise monitoring by an independent sound monitoring specialist. ...Nelson provided the board her diaries about when higher noise levels occurred and the impact on herself and her family.
1 Aug 2013

Neighbors complain of Vt. wind woes

Reggie Johnson loves spending time in his yard. But since the turbines landed near his backyard, he says it's been difficult to enjoy the outdoors. "We cherish the moments we have outside. It's like a kid in a candy shop when you get the opportunity to come out when there's no noise. It's a blessed relief," he said.
26 Jul 2013

Compliant turbines draw noise complaints

"People don't become desperate to leave their homes for no reason or because it's in their heads," she said. "We have inflicted this technology on people ... now they're getting sick, and now people like David Blittersdorf are ridiculing them. "At what level when you have survey after survey finding the same symptoms do you start saying this is science?" Smith continued.
24 Jul 2013

$19,000 Sheffield wind study inconclusive

It's unclear whether findings from a $19,000 state study on noise levels for the Vermont Wind Project in Sheffield indicate if the 16 turbines have exceeded state decibel thresholds. Chris Recchia, commissioner for the Vermont Public Service Department, said that while the noise testing may help his department better understand how to evaluate wind noise in the future, he cannot draw conclusions from it.
29 Jun 2013

At Lowell, Sheffield: DPS Commissioner concerned about turbine noise

Since October, 105 complaints about the big three wind projects have been collected by the DPS division on consumer affairs and public information, not including this complaint from McGrath. Some of those complaints are from the same people. Twenty-three different people have complained. In one case in November, 31 people joined to file a petition about wind noise about the Lowell wind project which prompted Green Mountain Power to adjust early operations.
10 May 2013

Sheffield: PSB Denies Resident Relief From Wind Farm Noise

"The noise monitoring plan is entirely under the control of First Wind, who chose the firm to design the plan and conduct the monitoring. This is a perfect example of 'the fox guarding the henhouse,' " Smith said Thursday. "The PSB's order further illustrates the near-impossibility of neighbors being able to participate in protecting their interests before the PSB."
4 May 2013

Wind industry pulling out all the stops to defend its technology

Wind Spin leapt up a notch with news out of two new studies showing that people who say wind turbines are making them sick are making it up because they have been influenced by anti-wind campaigns. In other words, the wind industry says if you are sick it is because you are so stupid that you will believe anything someone tells you. And in Vermont, anti-winders were informed that they are part of a conspiracy to undermine the wind industry, in concert with the oil industry and the Koch Brothers.
8 Apr 2013

Sheffield family pleads for help from town

"We are becoming very ill due to these towers behind us. We have appealed to everyone, I don't know whose responsibility it is to look after our safety, but we are now sick. I have doctors' notes. I have been put out of work. I want suggestions," said Therrien. "Somebody is responsible. We need resolution. We need to get out of there."
8 Feb 2013

Wind debate moves to a new chapter: Noise

"I'm feeling like we have to move," Steve Therrien said, adding that they can't afford to. "If you're not feeling well, and you know your kids are screaming, there's nothing you can do." The heated debate about wind energy in Vermont has moved to a new chapter: noise.
23 Dec 2012

Wind turbine noise cause real health problems

There are thousands of wind opposition groups all over the world. The story is the same everywhere. The audible noise and inaudible low frequency and infrasound are driving people from their homes. People do not abandon their homes for no reason. Noise from these big machines can extend three to six miles in mountainous terrain, with residents within 2 miles most at risk.
9 Nov 2012
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