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Democrats debate on wind power

“For me, that includes, solar hydro and wind. What I believe, though, is that we need to do it the Vermont way. We need to make sure that there is community involvement,” he said. “I’ve made it very clear all along ... that I believe that a community should have an affirmative vote before you go forward with a wind project.”
4 Aug 2016

Because I said so

From all parts of the audience, people rise to question Iberdrola’s team on an array of topics: production of concrete and of low-frequency noise etc. [Team Iberdrola's] programmed response to each question is the same. “Our highly technical scientific experts will explain this highly technical scientific matter at a later date.” Or, “The peer-reviewed literature shows wind turbines have no effect on [whatever concern the questioner has raised].”
22 Jul 2016

Turner wins Grafton Select Board seat; opponent Dougall hospitalized before polls open

Grafton voters went to the polls today and elected John Turner to a Select Board seat left vacant by the resignation of Gus Plummer. But the voting developed an unexpectedly sad tone just before the polls closed this evening as word got out that candidate Don Dougall had been hospitalized this morning and was undergoing surgery, according to board chair Al Sands.
13 Jul 2016

Deerfield wind project could break ground soon

"They're allowing them to buy up the rest of the land after the project is built; that's not OK. This is turning our regulatory process into a joke. Oh well, they got their CPG, so they have a right to move forward. They do not have a right to move forward if they haven't met the board’s conditions," said Annette Smith of Vermonters for a Clean Environment.
7 Jul 2016

Wind development, economy dominate Kingdom Candidate forum

The most immediate issue for many voters here is wind development.  ...At one point, Scott’s Republican challenger, Bruce Lisman, pointed behind him to Kidder Hill, where another wind development has been proposed. “The ridgeline back here may have wind towers unless we find a way to alter it or stop it,” Lisman said. “It shouldn’t be there.”
30 Jun 2016

28-turbine mega-wind project faces steep opposition in Vermont

“From the very outset we have maintained that this is an inappropriate site because what they’ve proposed to build on is at the headwaters of the Saxtons River, and it rises right here in Windham,” Seawright said. Pilette noted the area has seen three devastating floods in the last two decades, and he has concerns about what would “amount to a couple of dozen football fields of concrete at the head of our water system,” he said.
29 Jun 2016

Windham officials clash with developer over turbine talks

At this point, the back-and-forth does not appear to jeopardize the scheduling of a townwide vote on the project later this year. But Windham Selectboard Chairman Frank Seawright said he’d rather there be no reason for that balloting. “Unless something else happens, we will hold a vote,” Seawright said Wednesday. “I’d hope that (Iberdrola) would decide to abandon the project before then, though.”
22 Jun 2016

Shumlin disrespects wind opponents

With all the foot dragging by state agencies led by appointees beholden to you it is no surprise our complaints have resulted in nothing. You have encouraged the “regulatory capture” of these agencies and the Legislature by the wind and solar energy interests as you pursued your “ends justify any means” renewable energy policy.
8 Jun 2016
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