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Court dismisses appeal of wind project

VCE (Vermonters for a Clean Environment) asked the U.S. District Court to block the permit granted by the Forest Service or send it back for further environmental study. At a hearing in Brattleboro in July, VCE attorney Stephen Saltonstall argued that the Forest Service was ignoring the National Environmental Policy Act and the potential harm to the view, the bats that live in the area and the nearby George D. Aiken Wilderness.
7 Jan 2015

Windmill project to be argued in court this week

But VCE believes that the process by which the project achieved approval is flawed, along with the project’s location. Constructing industrial power on national forest land is something that VCE executive director Annette Smith says is a dangerous slope. “If these are allowed to be built on US forest land, it opens wind turbines to be built all over the country’s forest lands,” said Smith.
19 Jul 2014

Court Hears Challenge To Seneca Mountain Wind Permit

Opponents of a Northeast Kingdom wind project have asked the Vermont Supreme Court to overturn a permit to install test towers on Seneca Mountain. Their arguments center around balloons and aesthetics. In their annual session at the Vermont Law School, justices heard arguments involving a Public Service Board decision to allow a wind developer to erect four test towers.
18 Mar 2014

Neighbor files suit over negative impacts of Sheffield Wind project

Sheffieldafter-brouha_thumb Paul Brouha, resident of Sutton, Vermont, today filed suit in Caledonia Superior Court against Vermont Wind, Northeast Wind Partners II, and First Wind Holdings over the Sheffield Wind Project. The filing states that the noise from and the visual impact of the project are out of character with the surrounding area, continue for extended periods, and constitute a nuisance. The Complaint can be accessed at this link.
28 Jan 2014

Newark select board officially joins MET tower appeal

The town's select board has officially joined an appeal of the Vermont Public Service Board's recent approval for a Certificate of Public Good to allow four meteorological towers to be raised in Newark, Brighton and Ferdinand. The official appeal agreement was signed by the board after a vote last week.
24 Sep 2013
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