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Northeast Utilities plans additional transmission to meet capacity needs

"We think that it is likely there will be significant additional transmission investment needed to maintain reliability and improve access to these clean, intermittent power sources," Lee Olivier, executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in an earnings call Friday. "But it is too early to estimate how much that additional investment will be and exactly when it will occur."
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Lowell Wind: New Supreme Court appeal launched

"We all support renewable energy, but it must be built in conformance with the existing standards intended to prevent stormwater pollution of our pristine streams. We cannot trade a wind project for our water quality. Our water is everything -- our wells, our water supply for fire fighting, our high elevation streams, our wetlands, our rivers. We cannot let our water be compromised so Gaz Metro and their cronies can make a buck."
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Town listers become next arbiter in Vermont's debate over wind

When Melodie McLane of Georgia used to drive by the wind turbines in Clinton, N.Y., she says, she always looked at them with wondrous curiosity. But now, after four industrial wind towers were built near her home on Georgia Mountain Road, she dreads them. 'I had no idea it would be this bad,' she says, describing a constant noise she says makes it hard to sleep or go outside.
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Plant closures to ruffle New England's energy market

On the same day Entergy announced the Vermont Yankee closure, the Algonquin Citygate basis futures contract for the January 2015 contract rose 50 cents per MMBtu. The Algonquin Citygate is a key delivery point and natural gas trading hub in Boston. Entergy cited lower natural gas prices, a result of a glut in supply, in its decision to shut down its Vermont facility in the fourth quarter of 2014.
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Lowell power curtailed despite high power demand during recent New England heat wave

"There's a limit to the amount of power we can transfer out of that area. ... We always work to make sure the system runs in a reliable way. Having an event that could lead to a loss of customers is not a reliable outcome. So, we have to limit the amount of energy that the generators up in that part of the state are injecting into the network."
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You Can Quote Me

There were planning issues, aesthetic issues, things that people get concerned about when one of these type of projects shows up in their backyard, their neighborhood, so we really felt, and the Commission felt, that we needed to emphasize the planning process more first and also give the public an opportunity, a much longer opportunity to respond. Right now, there's a 45-day public notice period when an applicant is going to file with the board.
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VEC Will Oppose Seneca Mountain Wind

Vermont Electric Cooperative will oppose any large new wind project in northern Vermont, including Seneca Mountain Wind, CEO David Hallquist says. That's because existing wind projects have introduced instability in the grid, prompting grid operator ISO-New England to order existing wind projects in Vermont and New Hampshire to cut back or "curtail" electricity output.
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Vt. Green energy bill advances but is scaled down

Foes of mountaintop wind power in Vermont were dealt a setback Tuesday when a bill calling for more study of large-scale renewable energy development was significantly reduced in scope. Though the bill won preliminary approval in the Senate, it was only after provision calling for a slowdown of such development was scaled back, then removed completely.
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In New England, a Natural Gas Trap

The underlying issue in New England is that gas pipeline capacity is inadequate to keep prices steady in times of high home heating demand, said Vamsi Chadalavada, executive vice president and chief operating officer of ISO New England. ISO is leading a study focused mainly on reliability, but reliability is intertwined with price, he said.
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What happened to Bill McKibben?

Why should we spend millions of dollars to destroy wildlife habitat, kill bats and eagles, pollute our headwaters, fill valuable wetlands, polarize our communities, make people sick, mine rare earth metals - just to ensure that we can consume as much or more next year than we did this year? The costs of industrial wind far outweigh the benefits ... unless you are a wind developer.
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Wind debate moves to a new chapter: Noise

"I'm feeling like we have to move," Steve Therrien said, adding that they can't afford to. "If you're not feeling well, and you know your kids are screaming, there's nothing you can do." The heated debate about wind energy in Vermont has moved to a new chapter: noise.
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Wind noise comes as a big surprise

"I thought at first they were testing the F-35 fighter, roaring right over the mountain," said Mr. Potter, who estimates that he lives between a mile and a half and two miles from the turbines. "It sounded like a jet airplane over there," said Frank Coulter, a town selectman who lives three miles east of the turbines on the Center Hill Road. A half mile further east in Albany Center, David Lawrence said: "It was like a jet plane all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday."
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PSB to hear Georgia Wind violations

The Public Service Board will receive filings about Georgia Mountain Community Wind's alleged blasting violations this month, according to a schedule agreed to both parties and accepted by the PSB on October 4. This is the first step in addressing the wind project's violations of its certificate of public good, which the PSB granted in June 2010.
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Wind turbines: Put'em where the people are

Another commission. Can't have enough of those, can we? If there is a thorny problem or a contentious issue to be dealt with, then round up the usual experts, give them a few months to conduct hearings and otherwise do their research, then deliver a study, complete with recommendations that the politicians elected to do the people's business can then hide behind.
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Federal agency issues First Wind migratory bird permit

Englander and Scott Darling, the district wildlife biologist for ANR, both noted during the heated public hearing on Monday night that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service already had issued a migratory bird permit to First Wind; the permit being sought for the bat takings is now in draft stage and Secretary Deb Markowitz ultimately will decide the matter.
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