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Trojan horse

Citizens Wind explicitly stated that the company would not try to permit a project against the wishes of the townspeople, but to move from town to town, Waitsfield to Moretown to Northfield, proposing the same project is perilously close to the tactics of those who propose big box stores for communities. When rejected by one, they move to the neighboring town - until ultimately there is a Wal-Mart on every corner.
15 Jul 2010

Wind right for the ridge?

Several Moretown residents joined members of the Moretown Energy Group (MEG) Monday evening, July 12, for a presentation made by Citizens Wind representative Randy Male about the potential for a large-scale wind farm along the Northfield Ridge in Moretown.
15 Jul 2010

Citizens Wind to approach Moretown

The Waitsfield Town Plan currently prohibits wind farming above 1,700 feet ...At a June meeting of the Waitsfield Planning Commission, residents packed the room to voice concerns about wind farming on the ridge and the commission decided to make no changes to the Town Plan regarding wind farming.
8 Jul 2010

No changes to Town Plan for wind farm on Northfield Ridge

Proponents of a wind farm on the Northfield Ridge were in short supply at a planning commission meeting in Waitsfield this week. The Waitsfield Planning Commission, at a public hearing to discuss whether to modify the Town Plan to allow wind farming on the Northfield Ridge, heard a hue and cry against such action that was formidable enough for the commissioners to decide not to amend the Town Plan for now.
17 Jun 2010

Georgia wind project wins Vermont approval

Developers of a three- to five-turbine commercial-scale wind project along the Milton and Georgia town line - the first of its kind in Chittenden County - today received a certificate of public good from the Vermont Public Service Board.
14 Jun 2010

Mad about wind? Valley must decide

"The greatest hurdle we have in the wind business is getting people to be able to be comfortable with it," says Randy Male, a senior wind developer at Citizens Wind who heads up the company's East Coast development activities. ...If the people of Waitsfield don't want the turbines, Male says, then Citizens Wind doesn't want Waitsfield.
13 Jun 2010

Bennington solar farm off table for now

"The town manager, Stuart Hurd, pulled the utility records for the town and it looks like the rates that all of the buildings are charged are too low to justify the net-metering price that we could get as a credit. ... We still remain interested in the landfill for a potential project in the future, a much larger-scale project in the future," he said.
30 May 2010

Wind farms and the law of unintended consequences

Wind farms bring a lot of baggage with them. They can be dangerous and they make a lot of noise 24/7 when the wind is blowing. They do not handle ice well (remember the ice storm we had around 1997?). They are best suited for extremely rural areas - not resorts. They do not fit well in places with a lot of development. ...There are other considerations.
27 May 2010

Clarendon wants tower removed

Hikers reaching the top of Susie's Peak have discovered more than panoramic vistas of the region. Equipment from a temporary wind measurement tower erected by Vermont Community Wind Farm has been taken down, but not removed from the mountain.
26 May 2010

Voter-approved wind project still has foes in Vt.

A citizens coalition is promising a vigorous fight against a wind project that would erect 400-foot turbines along a northern Vermont ridgeline, even though a majority of residents have voted for it. Lowell Mountain Group, which represents residents who oppose the Lowell wind farm, said Wednesday it plans to lobby Vermont utility regulators who are being asked to grant a certificate of public good for the Green Mountain Power Co. project.
26 May 2010

PC urged to "create a path" for wind farm developers

For almost three hours, residents, planners, elected officials and residents of Waitsfield, Warren and Fayston asked rapid-fire questions of the Citizens' Wind representatives who came to town to discuss why a wind farm would work on the Northfield Ridge. The basement of the Waitsfield United Church of Christ was full for the May 18 hearing before the Waitsfield Planning Commission.
20 May 2010

Two Vermont utilities OK buying wind power

Slow to approve its own wind-energy projects, the state of Vermont is reaching out to projects in neighboring states to buy wind energy from them. The state Public Service Board has approved contracts under which Vermont's two largest utilities would buy power generated by Granite Reliable Wind's 33 wind towers in northern New Hampshire.
20 May 2010

Voters want party status but don't oppose wind turbines

The proposed Lowell Mountain wind project won a split decision at a special Town Meeting here Tuesday night. One hundred voters crowded the town hall to decide that Albany should seek party status when the project is considered by the state Public Service Board. But in a second vote, they decided not to oppose the project.
19 May 2010

Waitsfield PC to discuss wind energy on Northfield Ridge

Steve Shea, chair of the Waitsfield Planning Commission, said that he was contacted by Randy Male of Citizens Energy and was told that the company is investigating potential wind farm sites in New England and that the Northfield Ridge was one of them. "The planning commission is discussing energy issues as part of our Town Plan update at our meeting of May 18 and Randy has been invited to attend," Shea explained.
29 Apr 2010

Plan for Ira Wind Farm is tabled

VPR/Nina Keck(Host) Developers won't build a controversial wind farm that had been planned on a ridgeline in Ira. Vermont Community Wind was considering 45 potential turbine sites for an 80-megawatt wind farm. VPR's Nina Keck reports.
27 Apr 2010

Ira wind farm put 'on hold'

Vermont Community Wind Farm announced Monday it had "no current plans to proceed" with building what would have been the state's largest wind farm in and around Ira. Spokesman Jeffrey Wennberg said the company was too uncertain about certain aspects of the permitting process to go forward, but that developer Per White-Hansen would hold onto leases associated with the project.
27 Apr 2010
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