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State halts work on Lowell Mountain Wind Project

Construction on the Kingdom Community Wind Project is temporarily on hold after the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources issued a stop-work order. Green Mountain Power, the utility that is building the project, violated part of its Clean Water Act permit when it failed to comply with part of its sediment control plan.
7 Oct 2011

A bright orange line across the mountain

On the other side of that tape there is no quarter for Mother Nature. She's in the way, and so being reformed to suit the needs of the trucks that will climb the mountain with the bits of the machines that will be put together to, in their turn, put together the 21 turbines.
5 Oct 2011

Damn The Rules

If the criteria were objective or the environmental protection standards were consistent, then either the towers would have to go or the cross could clearly stay ...Instead Vermont has created a regulatory climate in which the aesthetic impact of a project is decided by political favor.
26 Sep 2011

Protesters target Shumlin during Lowell Mountain rally

The activists travelled by bus to Montpelier from towns in close proximity to the ridgeline in the Northeast Kingdom and then they continued their rally at a second location - the electric utility's headquarters in Colchester. At each stop they expressed their outrage that the state had granted Green Mountain Power all of the permits it needs to fast-track construction on Lowell this fall.
25 Aug 2011

Wind power protesters tackle Montpelier

Dr. Ron Holland of Irasburg called the wind project "a total corporate scam" that will benefit foreign corporations that put up the money for it. "We pay higher rates and they destroy our mountains," he said. "There is no benefit for Vermont."
25 Aug 2011

Construction delayed for Lowell wind project

GMP has operated for months on the hope of putting shovels in the ground on Aug. 1 to begin construction of its proposed 21-turbine wind project worth $150 million. That's because GMP wants to have those turbines spinning in time to qualify for federal production tax credits worth millions but which expire at the end of 2012.
1 Aug 2011

Wind Opponents Lament Failed Vermont Policies

Renewable energy sources in Vermont are too expensive compared to others that are available, he said during an informational meeting about the mail-in vote on the proposed upgrade of a VEC power line from Lowell to Jay. He said the utilities shouldn't just follow such policies, that there is no real penalty if they can't meet the goals set by the Legislature.
16 Jul 2011

Pro se arguments in Lowell wind case led to new precedent

The PSB's ruling considered the value of nearby properties in the context of overall economic benefit to the state. In this case, the board reasoned that even if all properties within three miles of the project lost 10 percent of their value, taxes and other payments from Green Mountain Power to local communities would still provide millions of dollars of net economic benefit.
6 Jul 2011

Sheffield braces for bold new world of wind power

The sights and sounds of construction fill the air at the site of the new Sheffield wind development and homeowner Paul Brouha is not happy. "It's going to look like the War of the Worlds," he told Channel 3. Sixteen wind turbines will start going up at the site in three weeks.
14 Jun 2011
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