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Northeast Utilities plans additional transmission to meet capacity needs

"We think that it is likely there will be significant additional transmission investment needed to maintain reliability and improve access to these clean, intermittent power sources," Lee Olivier, executive vice president and chief operating officer, said in an earnings call Friday. "But it is too early to estimate how much that additional investment will be and exactly when it will occur."
1 Nov 2013

Utility says it would bury power lines for project in Vermont

PSNH has maintained that running underground transmission lines would make Northern Pass economically unfeasible. But critics said TDI New England's proposal not only disproves that claim, but could place Northern Pass out of the bidding since New England Clean Power Link would provide comparable energy to the New England market — without the community and political opposition Northern Pass has engendered.
1 Nov 2013

Wind developer clashes with power grid operator

Minimum Generation Emergencies generally occur during temperate nights, when power demand is at an annual low. Blomberg said that when this happens, the first generators to be called off are those outside the region. The next generators ISO calls off are the “self-schedulers.” These are the generators that bid into the market at their leisure. Most, if not all, of New England’s renewable energy generators fall into this category of power producers because renewable power less predictable. ...It would be almost impossible for a renewable energy producer to participate in the day-ahead market because the risk is too high.
8 Oct 2013

Grid constraints may hamper NEK wind proposal

David Hallquist, the CEO of the Vermont Electric Cooperative, said the Eden Wind turbines would exacerbate the transmission bottleneck. Hallquist said expensive upgrades would be needed to accommodate the 18 megawatts from Eden. "...I can’t imagine any developer spending what could amount to be a hundred million dollars in investment just to put their project on line."
20 Aug 2013

As power use peaked, GMP ordered to cut Lowell wind output

The move baffles the utility and wind developers. They question why a renewable energy project was scaled back when polluting power plants everywhere in the region were told to run full blast. As the heat wave peaked last Friday, electricity demand in New England soared to almost 28,000 megawatts as people cranked up their air conditioners and fans to keep cool.
24 Jul 2013

Why Vt. wind projects aren't powering as much as they could

In the world of electric transmission it's called "curtailment." At Sheffield and Lowell Mountain, it's meant that even on the windiest of days the regional power grid operator, ISO New England, pulled the plug on power production because there was just too much available from other sources. Newer, non-baseload sources like Lowell got yanked first.
27 Mar 2013

Northern Pass to head to Vermont?

Public Service of New Hampshire is interested in municipally owned land near the town's industrial park, prompting Northern Pass opponents to speculate that the company may be changing direction and planning to bring power lines down the Vermont side of the Connecticut River, crossing into New Hampshire at Littleton.
1 Mar 2013

Grid constraints mean less power output from wind projects

The problem is the electricity network gets out of synch if the turbines produce more power than is being used at any one time. So ISO issues an order to ramp back power. It's called curtailment. "We are seeing those interconnect issues with other wind projects. As we've seen the Dixville project in New Hampshire was curtailed about 50 percent," Hallquist said.
30 Jan 2013

Lowell Wind: Three oppose power line easements

State regulators will hear the cases of three landowners opposing easements for transmission line upgrades for Green Mountain Power and Vermont Electric Cooperative. The easements are part of the upgrade approved by VEC members in July, which will in part carry electricity generated by the Lowell wind project.
9 Nov 2011

VEC members OK power line upgrade

[Luke Snelling] said the size of the no vote showed that opposition is growing. Opponents will continue to fight the project, he said. Albany and Craftsbury are challenging the project's certificate of public good in court and they are involved in all the permits still outstanding.
27 Jul 2011
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