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Lawmakers, towns worry about solar projects that could be seen as an eyesore

industrial solar,” he told the committee. The committee passed a bill Friday designed to lump solar projects into the same zoning process as other commercial development. Sen. Kevin Mullin, R-Rutland, introduced S.191 this year. The bill is not designed to stop solar projects, said committee Chair Bob Hartwell, D-Bennington. But lawmakers say something must be done to balance the state’s renewable energy goals with the state’s bucolic landscape, which includes giving towns a voice in deciding where solar projects are located.
16 Mar 2014

Wind concerns addressed at Grafton forum

McCafferty said there are multiple problems with wind farms -- such as the aesthetics and the noise associated with them. "People don't come to Vermont to look at wind farms and they don't come to Vermont to hear a lot of noise. So, these are direct impacts on the values," McCafferty said. Before the crowd departed for the night, Wright gave them one last message.
25 Feb 2014

Anti-wind forum focuses on high-elevation water impacts

Geoff Goll, the principal engineer of Princeton Hydro, Exton, Pa., said that it is very difficult to control stormwater runoff from steep terrain, and he said that the measures currently being employed often don’t work. He said roads and trails would need to be built to the turbine sites themselves, creating impervious surfaces, which increases runoff and pollution. The Lowell Mountain wind project created 27 acres of impervious land, and total disturbance of the mountain totalled 135 acres.
23 Feb 2014

Neighbors vote against Seneca Wind project

After the votes were counted, John Soininen, the project manager [of Seneca Wind], said he was disappointed in the result. Soininen says while this particular application will not be submitted, if the company decides to move forward, a future proposal might garner more local support. Opponents to the project say they hope any plan to erect towers on Seneca Mountain is dead.
14 Jan 2014

Northeast Kingdom residents weigh in on Seneca Mountain wind project

Pam Arborio is a founder  of the opposition group, Save Our Senecas.  Arborio notes that the survey financed by Seneca Wind did not go to all registered voters in the greater region impacted by the turbines. It was sent to about 400 properties - one ballot per household - only in the surrounding Unified Towns and Gores, known as the UTG. Many of those are camps or second homes.  So far, about 280 property tax payers have responded.
19 Dec 2013

NVDA committee explores industrial wind impacts

Proximity to industrial wind turbines is making people ill, and the state's program to increase the use of renewable energy sources is a "sham." That's the message a committee exploring the impacts of industrial wind projects heard ...The committee was formed by Northeastern Vermont Development Association following NVDA's July 2012 recommendation that all industrial wind development be suspended for three years until more is known about its impact on local communities.
6 Sep 2013

Benning: A letter to the governor

After personally hearing you tell citizens from Newark that no town should have to host an industrial wind facility that didn't want it, knowing the Northeast Kingdom already produces far more power than it can use, and knowing the Northeastern Vermont Development Association has asked for a moratorium, I hope you can understand my sadness.
13 Aug 2013

Conn. Company Want To Add Turbines To Lowell Mtn.

David Hallquist, chief executive officer of Vermont Electric Cooperative, said Monday that VEC did a study for BNE two years ago that showed it would be cost-prohibitive to connect to power lines along Route 100. Hallquist did not know if BNE had talked to GMP about connecting to another power line farther south at Stowe, which he said would be even more costly.
13 Aug 2013

When will Rep. Klein be held accountable?

Rep. Klein is perhaps the most dogmatic supporter of large renewable energy projects in the Vermont Legislature. Being such a strong proponent, one would reasonably believe that he would have established a well-articulated rationale for his support. But a look at his record on big renewable energy reveals a pattern characterized by an absence of any objective rationale in support for his positions. In other words, he seems to be for large renewable energy projects simply because he thinks they're a good idea.
2 May 2013

In New Ad, Vallee Hits Sanders on Wind Development

The Maplefields owner and gasoline distributor has ponied up $10,000 to run a new, 30-second attack ad on WCAX-TV for a week, according to the station. In it, Vallee accuses Sanders of seeking to "industrialize our mountains with giant wind turbines." "Once we sacrifice our mountains to big corporate interests, it will change Vermont forever," the ad's narrator says.
19 Apr 2013

An ill wind is blowing

You cannot be at the same time a wind energy town and a location for retirees, second homes and the odd couple resettling. One of the area's most respected real estate agents has already made it clear that no one is interested in looking at land adjacent to the wind proposal property.
3 Mar 2013

Vermont, New England begin sobering up...Public support for ridgeline windparks erodes!

"Citizens investigating this technology's impact on their communities are deciding wind projects don't make for good neighbors. With four projects operating in Vermont and accumulating noise complaints, and another three communities with active developments, Vermonters are examining this technology ...We predict support will continue to erode as developers continue to push this technology on our communities," continued Snelling.
27 Feb 2013

What happened to Bill McKibben?

Why should we spend millions of dollars to destroy wildlife habitat, kill bats and eagles, pollute our headwaters, fill valuable wetlands, polarize our communities, make people sick, mine rare earth metals - just to ensure that we can consume as much or more next year than we did this year? The costs of industrial wind far outweigh the benefits ... unless you are a wind developer.
8 Feb 2013

Maybe it is the 'view'

The "view" is what attracts people to Vermont as tourists, as transplant Vermonters, and it is what keeps many of us here even when we could be more financially well-off elsewhere. ...Before we destroy our views of our mountains, perhaps we should try to calculate the tremendous value of our views.
4 Feb 2013

The giant footprints of wind projects

The more large-scale wind development I see on our mountaintops, the less I like it. Not the sight of the towers and turbines themselves, but the clearing, blasting, filling, leveling, grading and overall destruction that can be required to build high-elevation wind-tower pads, service roads and transmission lines. God help our ridges if what happened to the Lowell Mountain Range is the first step in Vermont's path to energy independence.
2 Feb 2013

'Monstrous' Deerfield wind project requires re-thinking and relocation

The Forest Service has compromised the integrity of the National Environmental Protection Act by selecting a person to draft its environmental impact statement (EIS) who was also working for the project developer, Iberdrola. Those who read the project's applications will find six relatively lengthy instances of plagiarism where the words of the developer's agent were used again verbatim for the EIS. This is a disturbing conflict of interest.
18 Jan 2013

Ridgeline wind power is the sledgehammer

We shouldn't dynamite our mountain ridgelines to build a tool that can't achieve our carbon reduction objective. We shouldn't build power plants in the Kingdom when the demand is in Chittenden County. We shouldn't ignore the clear-cutting of hundreds of acres of trees that are our best carbon vacuum cleaners. We shouldn't allow runoff from miles of mountaintop roads and dozens of massive concrete base pads akin to any Wal-Mart parking lot. We shouldn't use a tool that kills off wildlife. How can anyone possibly justify such a tool receiving a permit to take endangered species?
12 Jan 2013
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