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Kidder Hill turbines to be sited in Lowell, not Irasburg

“Many people believe that if Irasburg opposes industrial wind development on the Kidder Hill ridgeline, the developer could simply move the towers a few feet to the Lowell side of the town line,” Warner said. “However, the towers would have to move nearly a mile away from Irasburg before our town would lose its participation in the siting decision. The Legislature included that provision in Act 174 precisely for situations like this.”
17 Nov 2017

Concern about grid constraints stall big wind projects

The Vermont Public Utilities Commission on Thursday refused to reconsider its rejection of the petition for a certificate of public good for Kidder Hill Wind, a two wind turbine project in Irasburg and/or Lowell, saying the application is incomplete without a study of how the project will impact the electric grid.
1 Sep 2017

Public Utility Commission rejects solar array near Mount Philo

The town of Charlotte and the Agency of Natural Resources opposed the project in proceedings before the Public Utility Commission (formerly the Public Service Board). The regulatory body agreed the array would detract from the view from Mount Philo. The aesthetics of energy projects are one of the criteria that can trigger a review by the commission.
26 Jul 2017

Swanton Wind project on hold for system impact study

Seven 499-foot turbines proposed for Rocky Ridge may be the first major energy project in the state to face stringent scrutiny via the approval process of the newly configured Public Service Board. The board, which will change its name to the Vermont Public Utility Commission starting Saturday, issued an order to Swanton Wind on June 22 that sets a higher standard of public accountability.
30 Jun 2017

Public Service Board rejects Deerfield Wind shutdown

Reached by phone Friday, Shea, who has been a vocal opponent of the project, said he was "not too surprised" by the board's decision, saying, "They seem to favor developers over residents." He said he remains concerned about the effects of heavy construction vehicles like rollers and large loaders he says have "been running up and down the road [Route 8] repeatedly."
17 Jun 2017

VEC, GMP oppose Dairy Air wind turbine

Both VEC and GMP told the board the proposed 499-foot-tall turbine would cause economic harm to VEC and GMP because northern Vermont already has constraints on its transmission system. That’s causing curtailments to their own Kingdom Community Wind turbines at Lowell and is not consistent with the state’s comprehensive energy plan because it hinders other renewable energy sources, both utilities are saying. New regulations imposed last year by the New England electric grid operators at ISO-NE have cost VEC $550,000 in new charges in six months alone between October 2016 and March 2017, according to the filing. And that doesn’t include the cost of lost production when wind turbines at Lowell and Sheffield are curtailed by ISO-NE when there’s too much power in the grid in an area that doesn’t need it.
20 May 2017
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