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Vermont's Energy Options

This updated short feature from a larger documentary entitled Vermont's Energy Options examines several of the paths towards a renewable energy future for the state of Vermont. In this feature, utility-scale renewable energy is compared to community-oriented, small-scale renewable energy solutions. This feature, and the future full-length documentary, is produced by non-profit Energize Vermont. Energize Vermont advocates for renewable energy solutions that are in harmony with the irreplaceable character of Vermont and contribute to the people's well-being. Learn more at Duration 23 minutes 13 seconds
29 Aug 2012

The economics of Lowell Mountain Wind

In this interview, Tom Evslin explains how the economics of the Lowell Wind project in Vermont will drive up use of fossil generation. Evslin is a former member of the Clean Energy Development Fund board and the former chief technology officer under Vermont's Douglas administration. Duration: 5 minutes 26 seconds
7 Dec 2011
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