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Lowell Wind: GMP seeks easement for blasting

Green Mountain Power is seeking a private property easement near the site of the 21st turbine proposed for the Lowell wind project. The easement would give GMP the right to a 1,000-foot blast safety zone on private land in Eden adjacent to the wind project site.
29 Mar 2012

Holland: Farmers protest energy policy

The board sent out a letter to residents seeking volunteers to serve on a committee to craft new language that would allow farmers and property owners to erect small wind turbines -- like the three that are on the McDonald, Judd and Davis farms. "The intent was to slow down bigger scale projects, to make people think about it," Farrow said Monday.
7 Mar 2012

Lowell Wind: PSB hears opponents, sets hearing on land

The Vermont Public Service Board agreed with the towns of Albany and Craftsbury and set up a one-day technical hearing in March to look at how a road that runs through Echo Forestry lands in Eden would affect the large swath of conserved land there. The board members, in an order issued Thursday, said they want Green Mountain Power and the state of Vermont to explain why the road would not affect the proposed wildlife corridor.
18 Feb 2012

Derby Line Wind: Canadian neighbors weren't notified

Cotter asked Encore Redevelopment to explain why it didn't include Canadian neighbors in the official notification required for proposed energy projects in Vermont. ...he also warned Encore partners that they had better explain how they could use a 2.3-megawatt turbine model and still fit in under the streamlined standard offer hearing process allowed for renewable energy projects of less than 2.2 megawatts per turbine.
10 Feb 2012

Controversy over wind power fueled by misinformation

Some of the most harmful side effects [of turbines] have only become widely documented as a result of the installation of thousands of turbines around the world in the past five years. Turbines have gotten taller ...These newer machines have little track record, and we are all part of a grand experiment with few protections in place for neighbors and towns, especially on issues of public health, water flows, and property values.
8 Jan 2012

Precedent-setting wind project will likely be appealed

The permits require the developer to set aside 144 acres of comparable bear habitat and to continue extensive bear, bat and bird impact surveys once the turbines are running. The Forest Service says the public will have 45 days to appeal the decision, after legal notices are published.
4 Jan 2012

Chronicle publisher pleads not guilty

The publisher of a well-known weekly newspaper in Orleans County pleaded not guilty Tuesday morning to trespassing while covering a protest at the Lowell wind site. Chris Braithwaite, 67, of Glover gave his plea to Judge Robert P. Gerety Jr. in Orleans Superior Court-Criminal Division without his attorney, Phil White, who could not be present.
21 Dec 2011

Sheffield Wind

I've received calls from residents from as far away as Lyndon, Kirby, and Westmore complaining about the blinking red aircraft collision avoidance lights at night. Neighbors are telling me they also can hear them and that they are shocked to see the turbines from "everywhere they go" -- from local roads, from I-93 near Franconia Notch (40 miles away!), as well as from nearer ridge lines between Littleton and St. Johnsbury.
30 Nov 2011

GMP ups security at Lowell wind site

The Nelsons have claimed that the property is theirs. They launched a lawsuit over the property this fall after GMP sued them to stop the protests from hindering the blasting. Court action over the wind project continues on various levels.
26 Nov 2011

On Lowell Mountain: Protesters occupying Green Mountain Power wind turbine site go to jail and then court

They had no intention of getting arrested, according to a statement from their supporters. Like all the other protesters who have climbed to a high campsite on the Nelson farm that borders the wind project, they were prepared to obey a police order to move 1,000 feet away from the property line. Police didn't give them the opportunity to do so, according to the affidavit of Orleans County Deputy Sheriff Jonathan MacFarlane.
23 Nov 2011

The ugliness on Lowell Mountain

To apply these concepts in the context of social protest, especially in a state like Vermont with a long and honorable history of dissent, is chilling. How dispiriting that the debate over wind power in Vermont has come to this! The law already makes trespassing a crime without setting precedents that would encourage future claims of monetary damages against protest movements. Those potential ill effects of such precedents, unless superseded by the Legislature, will linger long after the blasting on Lowell Mountain is done, just weeks if not days from now.
18 Nov 2011
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