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Newark Neighbors unite in protest

About a half hour before the informational event hosted by Eolian began, protesters from Newark and adjoining communities, including East Haven, Sheffield and Sutton and more, started lining up at the entries to the school's driveway on either side. Fifty signs protesting the wind project were purchased and sold.
28 May 2012

Derby line WindEncore pulls plug on 2-turbine project

Developer Chad Farrell of Encore Redevelopment announced Friday afternoon that he has voluntarily withdrawn a plan for two large wind turbines on two Derby farms near the Canadian border, citing mounting costs and international controversy that threatened to overwhelm the resources of his firm and state utility regulators.
26 May 2012

PSB urges opponents to work together

The Wagners were prominent in alerting Cotter and the PSB that Encore had failed to properly notify all abutting landowners about Encore's application for certificates of public good for the two turbines. That failure prompted Cotter to push the hearing schedule back into late summer and to give more time to seek party status for those who were notified late.
23 May 2012

Newark planning commission opposes test towers

The commission submitted a 10-page response to the Vermont Public Service Board on the proposal by Eolian Renewable Energy of Portsmouth, N.H., for the "Seneca Mountain Wind" project. The commission asserts that the proposal is not in conformance with Newark's Town Plan, and argues why it is not the kind of activity Newark wants to occur.
22 May 2012

Plan for Vermont windmills causes international furor

Hartley said she and her neighbors did some research on the Internet and found complaints about shadows and glints of light from the turbines, noise and vibration, and electromagnetic radiation. "It was amazing the different things that we heard and how horrible they were," she said. "It was things we'd never thought about."
17 May 2012

Residents outspoken against wind project

Christie Wright of Florence said several weeks ago, town officials asked residents to do their research and get the facts to bring before the developers. She said she is one of the people who "changed her mind" about wind projects. "These are not efficient," Wright said. "Would you sacrifice our mountains and life for 19 percent efficient?"
16 May 2012

Cost Of Lowell wind project expected to rise

ISO studied the impact of the Lowell project on the transmission network and concluded that GMP will need to invest in a new voltage control system. The expensive component is called a "dynamic reactive device" and it's designed to balance the impact of that much electricity flowing into the grid.
16 May 2012

Derby board votes "no" to wind, finally, almost

Saudek warned that if the town doesn't take a stand, the developer can view that as the town dealing itself out. "I'm not sure I would advise not taking a position," he said. Feelings are running high on both sides, Saudek said, calling the situation unstable. He said it may be time to reflect.
15 May 2012

Anti-wind rally on the border: Quebec politicians enter fray

MP Jean Rousseau said Sunday, during a rally on the lawn at the international Haskell Free Library, that he will also present a petition opposing two industrial-sized wind turbines in Derby near homes in Stanstead to the Canadian House of Commons this week. Roussea is seeking a unanimous vote of support from the House of Commons for the petition.
7 May 2012

High drama at Derby meeting

The select board meeting Monday quickly grew heated when the proposed Derby Line wind project was brought up. Chair of the Derby Wind Committee, Sue Best, a town lister, attempted to explain to the select board that attorney Richard Saudek wants to know Derby's official stand on the wind project in order to move forward with the contract.
2 May 2012

Attorney apologizes; Asks for no delays

Hearing officer John Cotter has already told Encore that they should have notified abutting landowners in nearby Stanstead, Quebec. Cotter did not indicate if they would be able to get into the hearing process late in the game. The town of Stanstead has applied to participate in the hearings. Experts with the state are already interviewing Encore experts about the project.
2 May 2012

Canadians push Derby to oppose wind project

Stanstead politicians are applying pressure, both soft and hard, to push their neighbors on the Derby Select Board into opposing the Derby Line Wind Project. On the weekend, Stanstead Mayor Philippe Dutil said he would cut off water to the tiny border hamlet of Beebe Plain, Vt., which is part of the town of Derby.
2 May 2012

NEK senators support big wind moratorium

The amendment to the appropriations bill stated that no agency of the state, including the public service board and the agency of natural resources, shall issue a land use, siting or environmental permit, certificate, or other approval authorizing the construction or operation of any wind generation plant with a plant capacity greater than 2.2 megawatts.
30 Apr 2012

State: Defense challenging GMP's rights to property

Deputy State's Attorney Sarah Baker wants to stop Lowell wind protesters from using a dispute over who owns the Lowell ridgeline as a defense in their trespassing case. Baker filed a motion Friday in Orleans Superior Court -- Criminal Division asking Judge Robert P. Gerety Jr. to ban the defense from bringing up Don and Shirley Nelson's lawsuit.
28 Apr 2012

BLOW BACK IN NEWARK: Residents challenge wind test plans

The first to speak was Noreen Hession. She accused the developers of downplaying what the met towers indicate. "In some ways, this is really misleading, the 'Oh we're just going to clear a few acres and cover it over with mulch...' You've started out by lying to this community, and I'm very disappointed," she said.
13 Apr 2012
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