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Time out on wind

Ridgeline development has the potential to alter the face of Vermont permanently almost overnight. The importance of getting it right requires policy developed specifically for this purpose.
26 Jan 2006

Just plain scared about wind

Common sense says: Calm down. Let's work on securing the 90 percent of the roof over our heads - that is, let's nail down the 90 percent reliable, low-cost energy we need for the future and figure out energy conservation strategies and ways of meeting our 10 percent renewables energy target other than by destroying Vermont's world-renowned ridge lines.
9 Jan 2006

MIT team analyzes wind energy potential in Northeast

There's more to determining the value of wind power than knowing which way the wind blows -- or even how hard. MIT researchers studying winds off the Northeast coast have found that estimating the potential environmental benefits from wind and other renewables requires a detailed understanding of the dynamics of both renewable resources and conventional power generation. Data show that wind-energy facilities would generate far more electricity in winter, because that's when winds are strongest. But the need for electricity is greatest in summer, when air conditioners are going full blast.
21 Dec 2005

Don't ignore the experience of others

The subsidies for wind are a misuse of public money. The "benefits" from industrial wind are a fantasy and an escape from our energy problems. For me, believing that industrial wind will solve our energy problems is a little like believing the Tooth Fairy will pay my heating bills this winter.
15 Dec 2005

German Experiences with Wind Power

"In order to guarantee reliable electricity supplies when wind farms produce little or no power,e.g. during periods of calm or storm-related shutdowns, traditional power station capacities must be available as a reserve. This means that wind farms can only replace traditional power station capacities to a limited degree."
11 Dec 2005

Douglas looking for outs on energy

BRATTLEBORO — Gov. James Douglas said Friday that his administration is evaluating whether it makes sense for Vermont to put most of its energy eggs in the baskets held by Hydro-Quebec and Entergy Nuclear, the owner of Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.
10 Dec 2005

Douglas has busy 'Governor's Day' in Brattleboro

Douglas said he was "surprised" when the town of Sheffield, in the Northeast Kingdom, approved a project for 26 windmills along a ridgeline. He said he thinks most Vermonters are aware that even a large number of wind turbines aren't going to replace nuclear or hydroelectric power, which provide about two-thirds of the state's energy.
10 Dec 2005

Wind Opponents Want Changes - NEK Gets Another Chance To React To Regional Plan Draft

NORTHEAST KINGDOM -- Kingdom residents will have another opportunity to comment on a proposed regional plan that supports wind power as a renewable energy source but leaves decisions up to individual towns. A second hearing on the draft plan is Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. in the Lyndon Institute cafeteria. The deadline for written comment is also Dec. 6.
29 Nov 2005

Wind power works ... for its investors

Utilities, however, are clear about the futility of wind power. Eon Netz, one of Germany's grid managers, with over 7,000 MW of wind capacity connected, has described in their annual wind reports that they need additional conventional capacity to cover 100 percent of the possible infeed from wind, because even as it peaks it often drops off very quickly.
28 Nov 2005
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