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Newark, Vermont amends town plan

The vote was 169 to 59 in favor of the resolution, the town plan was amended to identify specific ridgelines, highlands, and bodies of water as having particular scenic, wildlife, and recreational value. The plan asserts that large-scale industrial and commercial development is inappropriate in the town. The plan states that no commercial or industrial development should take place at elevations greater than 1700 feet. The plan states that no commercial or industrial structures should exceed 125 feet in height.
20 Sep 2012

Town leaders resolve to delay wind

The Clarendon Select Board has joined town planners in requesting the Rutland Regional Planning Commission executive board pass a resolution calling for a three-year moratorium on wind development projects in Rutland County.
12 Sep 2012

Wind developer: Delay vote on our plans

Seneca's plans have ignited fierce opposition among residents of Newark, where more than half of registered voters have signed a petition against the project. Gervais-Lamoureux said people in Brighton are "riled up" on both sides of the issue.
31 Aug 2012

Windham to state: Stop wind project

The letter comes as Windham officials prepare to fight Iberdrola Renewables' application to build two meteorological towers in the town and another in Grafton. The towers, depending on the data they produce, could be a precursor to Windham County's first commercial wind-power development.
30 Aug 2012

Federal agency issues First Wind migratory bird permit

Englander and Scott Darling, the district wildlife biologist for ANR, both noted during the heated public hearing on Monday night that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service already had issued a migratory bird permit to First Wind; the permit being sought for the bat takings is now in draft stage and Secretary Deb Markowitz ultimately will decide the matter.
29 Aug 2012

Mountaintop protest calls for permitting changes

Noting that many in the crowd could tell "horror" stories about their experiences with permitting processes involving issues ranging from cellular towers to wind farms to smart meters, she said the success of the protest Saturday would be measured by the solutions participants came up with, not the problems.
27 Aug 2012

State orders Georgia Mountain Wind to halt blasting

In an order released late Friday afternoon, the Public Service Board says it has serious concerns about the blasting activity on the wind project site. The board noted that a state inspection this week found that the developer apparently did not control fly rock -- debris ejected during the explosions -- during its blasting operations.
25 Aug 2012

Jury convicts Lowell Wind protesters of trespassing charges

And protester Robert Holland said he thought the state was wrong to bring charges to begin with. ...He's referring to pending civil litigation between the property owners which has yet to decide where the boundary line lies between the land GMP leased, and the Nelson farm where protesters claim they were arrested.
15 Aug 2012
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