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Windburn relief - A voter's guide

The deeper, difficult questions to the voters are whether the project's initial community wide benefit has been realized. Whether, after turbine operation curtailment, noise tests, health testimonials, the Wind Turbine Option Process and countless town meetings, if any residual community wide benefit exists? Unfortunately, there is none. The question is no longer whether Wind I and Wind II inflict unacceptable levels of harm upon Blacksmith Shop Road or Craggy Ridge neighbors.
19 Apr 2013

The debate over wind power development in Vermont

"The basic fact is just to make a small dent-- a few percent of the energy demand in the Northeast and virtually nothing in the Southeast-- you would have to develop thousands of miles of ridgeline. You'd be talking about devastating impacts to the mountaintops due to bulldozing and blasting," Luce said.
18 Apr 2013

Landowners terminate agreements with wind developer

Stone, who owns G. Stone Motors in Middlebury, said Friday the condition in the agreement was his way out, but other factors also contributed to his family pulling their support. "The main reason was they stopped paying the rent of the land," Stone said. "But I was not aware of the devastation on the mountain they were going to have."
8 Apr 2013

VEC Will Oppose Seneca Mountain Wind

Vermont Electric Cooperative will oppose any large new wind project in northern Vermont, including Seneca Mountain Wind, CEO David Hallquist says. That's because existing wind projects have introduced instability in the grid, prompting grid operator ISO-New England to order existing wind projects in Vermont and New Hampshire to cut back or "curtail" electricity output.
5 Apr 2013

Kingdom Senators react to wind, pipeline votes

He said opponents of the bill "threw huge amounts of money" into defeating S.30. He added he was shocked by the hypocrisy of the renewable energy movement that expressed interest in preserving a clean environment but opposes Act 250 environmental oversight of large scale renewable energy projects.
28 Mar 2013

Vermont Senate votes for scaled-down energy bill

"I would have preferred to get the protections for the towns," Senate Natural Resources & Energy Committee Chairman Robert Hartwell, D-Bennington, said, but he added, "We'll be back. This is going to continue. It was a good debate." The Senate is due to vote again on the newly revised bill, likely Thursday, when attempts could be made to change the bill again before sending it to the House.
27 Mar 2013

Energy bill splits environmentalists over role of Act 250

John Ewing, a former chairman of the state environmental board, says the issue has badly divided environmentalists. He supports the Senate bill. ...If there were "a more adequate environmental review and the impact on aesthetics that Act 250 provides, and opportunity for citizen participation that Act 250 provides, that would make a big difference and I think a lot of the conflicts that we see now and the gridlock would go away if we had a proper process," Ewing said.
19 Mar 2013

Grafton voters table wind vote

Following more than an hour of discussion on an article regarding proposed commercial wind development here, voters at Grafton's annual Town Meeting on Tuesday overwhelmingly agreed to table it "as if it never existed," according to Moderator Bill Kearns.
6 Mar 2013

Senators give update on wind legislation changes

Sen. Peter Galbraith, D-Windham, Sen. Robert Hartwell, D-Bennington, and Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia/Orange, said they were concerned about the development of Vermont's ridgelines by commercial wind developers and the lack of local control in the decision-making process.
3 Mar 2013

No wind moratorium, but bill seeks change

Under current law, energy projects go through the Public Service Board for approval, which must consider Act 250 criteria but may approve the projects if the board thinks they meet the overall public good. The revised bill would require renewable energy projects to conform to Vermont's Act 250 land-use planning regulations.
26 Feb 2013

Vermont senators to discuss wind power

Friends of Grafton's Heritage has invited legislators and residents of towns with wind turbines to discuss the issues related to industrial wind farms. A public information meeting will be held on Friday, March 1, at 6:30 p.m. in the Grafton Elementary School on School Street.
26 Feb 2013

Grafton holds informational meeting on wind power

Saturday's meeting included experts on both sides of the issue who stated their cases as Grafton and Windham decide how they are going to proceed with the controversial issue. The large crowd filled the gym at the Grafton Elementary School as one side, and then the other, showed slides, presented data and talked about the benefits, and dangers of large-scale wind power.
18 Feb 2013

The wind energy battle continues

The power of the wind energy controversy is continually growing in Vermont, but in Lesley Becker's new play, "Winds of Change," it's downright war. ..."Winds of Change" dramatizes some of Vermonters' biggest challenges.
17 Feb 2013

Remove McKibben from pedestal

McKibben does seem to have a problem with the neighbors who express concerns about these wind turbines and apparently hasn't been shy in expressing his views about these folks. This thinking doesn't sound much like an environmentalist to me. What's next for Mckibben, chiding Vermont farmers to get rid of their tractors and go back to using mules for plowing?
15 Feb 2013
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