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Northeast Kingdom wind project seeks backing

“Everyone who gets a tax bill is going to get a vote,” said John Soininen, [Eolian] project manager. But not everyone agreed. “I’ve never heard of anything voted on in this state before where we let out-of-state landowners vote on town issues,” said state Sen. John Rodgers.
13 Nov 2013

Eden gauges residents' opinion on wind towers

Taxpayers in Eden are getting a little something extra along with their property tax bills this month. The tax bill envelopes also include a two-page wind tower survey. The survey asks taxpayers to weigh in on wind power in Vermont, the nearby Kingdom Community Wind project, and a proposal to expand wind development on the  ridgeline with six new towers in Eden.
8 Oct 2013

Sheffield wind turbines down for maintenance, repairs

Smith, the head of VCE, said she has been receiving citizen reports for the past week, "noting that at least five of the western Sheffield turbines are off. Now apparently only one of the 16 are operating," she stated in an email Monday. "Inquiring minds want to know what's going on.
24 Sep 2013

Northeast Kingdom: Wind developer pressed on plans

John Soininen, vice president of development for Eolian, which has pitched the project called Seneca Mountain Wind, said delays in receiving a permit to build the four meteorological test towers from the Vermont Public Service Board have held the company up in getting a proposal to the UTGs.
11 Sep 2013

Plant closures to ruffle New England's energy market

On the same day Entergy announced the Vermont Yankee closure, the Algonquin Citygate basis futures contract for the January 2015 contract rose 50 cents per MMBtu. The Algonquin Citygate is a key delivery point and natural gas trading hub in Boston. Entergy cited lower natural gas prices, a result of a glut in supply, in its decision to shut down its Vermont facility in the fourth quarter of 2014.
6 Sep 2013

Shumlin meets with Grafton group to discuss wind turbines

The project has considerable opposition from the town and resident Liisa Kissel hosted last week's meeting with Shumlin to express the disapproval many citizens are feeling. "We're very pleased that we had a chance to voice our concerns. We don't know if the governor was previously aware of how much concern there is in Grafton about this," she said in a telephone interview. "We wanted to tell the governor directly."
26 Jul 2013

Limit on public comments draws criticism in Grafton

Liisa Kissel, a Grafton resident adamantly opposed to the wind towers and a regular attendee of Selectboard meetings, said Vermont state law allows for public comment so that citizens can speak their minds without limitation. She said rules can be established to avoid a meeting's delay but "the spirit of rules is that the public may not be silenced."
21 Jun 2013

No Windham wind decision this year

A representative of Iberdrola Renewables, which has erected testing towers in the two towns, said it will be 2014 -- at the earliest -- before the company has enough weather data to either pursue or abandon a potential wind project here.
20 Jun 2013

Northeast Kingdom Ridge Protectors accuse wind developer of open meeting violations

The head of the Brighton Ridge Protectors, a citizen-led group fighting efforts to site a wind project in Brighton, Ferdinand and Newark, wants the Vermont Attorney General to rule on alleged violations of Vermont's Open Meeting Law. Island Pond resident Pam Arborio says the Board of Governors of the Unified Towns and Gores have committed violations of the state open meeting law in discussing possible financial terms and more with a wind developer in recent months.
29 May 2013

You Can Quote Me

There were planning issues, aesthetic issues, things that people get concerned about when one of these type of projects shows up in their backyard, their neighborhood, so we really felt, and the Commission felt, that we needed to emphasize the planning process more first and also give the public an opportunity, a much longer opportunity to respond. Right now, there's a 45-day public notice period when an applicant is going to file with the board.
5 May 2013

Why aren't those turbines turning?

Marsha Blomberg, an ISO New England spokesperson, said the grid uses an "economic dispatch" method, which often gives the most expensive power source the temporary ax. But Johnson said cheaper sources could be curtailed if it keeps the grid safe.
1 May 2013

Newark: Mixed reaction to wind decision

Kim Fried, chairman of the Town of Newark's Planning Commission, which amended the Town Plan last year to ban industrial wind projects, a change overwhelmingly supported by residents, said "We are very disappointed and saddened. Neither SMW, the PSB or the state of Vermont appear to care about the concerns of Newark's citizens and I think this attitude towards small towns is beginning to bother many other citizens across the state, as it should.
26 Apr 2013

After glitch, Georgia Mountain turbines to spin again

The four wind turbines on Georgia Mountain, stationary for a week, are expected to spin back into action in the near future while technicians run safety checks, a company official said Thursday. A faulty electrical component at the site’s tie-in with power lines caused the turbines to shut down automatically, project manager Martha Staskus told the Burlington Free Press.
26 Apr 2013

Seneca Mountain Wind gets preliminary approval to erect wind-measuring towers

David Hallquist, CEO of the utility Vermont Electric Cooperative, publicly opposed any new utility-scale wind projects in the Northeast Kingdom because the ISO-New England, is ordering Vermont and New Hampshire wind projects to curtail electricity output to maintain grid stability. Hallquist said the co-op and its utility partner, Green Mountain Power, have already lost $1 million this winter on curtailment of Lowell Mountain's 21-turbine Kingdom Community Wind Project.
22 Apr 2013
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