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With the Lowell Mountain wind project, timing (and money) is everything

If the governor were being ingenuous, he might advocate a moratorium on any proposed wind project until his secretary had completed her charge. ...We know why Shumlin and Powell cannot wait: Federal money available for this, otherwise, "never never" plan evaporates at midnight at the end of this year if the Certificate of Public Good is not in hand.
21 Feb 2011

Group urges Shumlin to reverse support for 'big wind' energy

"We must act on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but the appropriate way for Vermont to do that is by increasing our use of solar, expanding efficiency, weatherizing, and increasing vehicle efficiency. Utility-scale wind on ridgelines is incredibly destructive to wilderness, and has little potential to contribute to US emission reductions."
18 Nov 2010

Public Service Department puts the public interest first

The public deserves an energy debate based in fact, not hyperbole. There are very well financed interests that, for personal financial gain, oppose Vermont Yankee. The actions of Mr. Blittersdorf are perhaps the most visible example of this taking place. He is part of a group of folks who have contributed heavily to political campaigns in order to have legislation passed that directly benefit them. These projects cost captive ratepayers as much as six times the current market price.
3 Nov 2010

Green energy depends on subsidies for fuel

Rather than inspire a new industry willing to take a risk and invest private capital in hopes of a return, the green-energy incentives simply perpetuate a dependence upon government largess. In an effort to put a thumb on the scales and pick their own winners and losers, the Legislature's proposals more closely resemble some fly-by-night, get-rich scheme than a thoughtful economic development plan.
27 Aug 2010

Federal Ruling Casts Doubt On Vermont Renewable Energy Program

A federal ruling has cast doubt on a Vermont program designed to promote renewable energy. The ruling says utilities should not pay more than market rates for electricity from the clean-energy projects. The state agency that represents consumers wants to know how the decision affects projects in Vermont, so it's asked the state attorney general's office for legal advice.
5 Aug 2010

Snelling: There is another way to energy progress

Utility scale wind projects are proposed or approved in no fewer than eight locations across Vermont: Lowell, Londonderry, Ira, West Rutland, Waitsfield, Georgia, Sheffield and Deerfield. Each of these projects would extend across miles of ridgeline. These multi-mile, multi-tower facilities would fundamentally alter ridgelines.
21 Jun 2010

State is told: Be steady on wind

After the announcement last week that Vermont Community Wind Farm had put its efforts in the town of Ira on hold, the chairman of the industry group Renewable Energy Vermont, Lawrence Mott, says the state needs clearer guidelines for such projects. Mott's group has 300 members, including Vermont Community Wind Farm.
2 May 2010

A sound policy for wind power in Vt.?

Whether they're called wind farms or industrial wind generating plants, these industrial developments have caused divisiveness and controversy in every community in Vermont where they have been proposed. Because electricity generation has special legal status for land use regulations, industrial wind projects are being sited in areas where other industrial developments would never be allowed.
25 Apr 2010

A sound policy for industrial wind power in Vermont?

Whether you call them wind farms or industrial wind generating plants, these industrial developments have caused divisiveness and controversy in almost every community in Vermont where they have been proposed. Because electricity generation has special legal status for land use regulations, industrial wind projects are being sited in areas where other industrial developments ...might never be allowed.
21 Mar 2010

Clarification on wind story

Petitioned language involving Ira's future approach to renewable energy was amended on the floor to add "in accordance with the town plan." ...In the end, people knew exactly what they came for, and exactly on what they were voting. There were no further questions or discussion. The vote was a resounding 89-20 in support of an Ira renewable energy policy that leaves industrial wind turbines off Ira ridgelines.
13 Mar 2010

State considers labeling Hydro-Quebec power 'renewable'

A day after the Senate voted not to support Vermont Yankee's operation after 2012, a House committee turned its attention to Vermont's other largest electric supplier. The House Natural Resources and Energy Committee is considering legislation that would allow Hydro-Quebec power to be considered "renewable" by Vermont standards.
26 Feb 2010

Wind Energy's Ghosts

Some say that Ka Le is haunted -- and it is. But it's haunted not by Hawaii's legendary night marchers. The mysterious sounds are "Na leo o Kamaoa"-- the disembodied voices of 37 skeletal wind turbines abandoned to rust on the hundred-acre site of the former Kamaoa Wind Farm. The voices of Kamaoa cry out their warning as a new batch of colonists.
15 Feb 2010

Don't sacrifice our mountains to save the planet

Today, we are confronted by the crisis of climate change. Descriptions are so fearful, confusing, and occasionally contradictory that it's hard to know what to think. We each try to do what we can to reduce our personal impact on the earth, and ponder how to preserve the planet from a catastrophic fate that could be imminent and irreversible. For many people, renewable energy has become the panacea: producing power from wind, trees, grasses, and the sun.
1 Feb 2010

'Big wind' is about easy money

Friends and neighbors, I write as a Clarendon resident, and not in my role as Select Board chairman. The people of Clarendon and the towns surrounding it are trying to understand what the Vermont Community Wind Farm project is all about. What will it mean for us? What impacts will it have on us? Why here and now? What has brought trouble to our town's doorstep is "easy" money.
21 Jan 2010

Wind farm simply symbolism

Green Mountain Power's plan to construct a wind farm along a ridge line in the town of Lowell will have little impact on Vermont's energy needs. Neither will it improve Vermont's climate or environment. Instead the wind farm will be a monument to crowd pleasing notions of energy independence and freeing Vermont from the slavery of fossil fuel dependence. With some of the cleanest air in the country and a nearly non-existent carbon footprint from Vermont Yankee, it's hard to understand just what role the wind farm will play.
21 Nov 2009

Just say no to wind power

Wind power is winning in the Northeast Kingdom, and will continue to win, for a couple of reasons. Energy policy is terribly sensitive to fashion, and wind is currently fashionable. Hydro power used to be fashionable, and therefore good, and easy to push through the permit process. Now it is unfashionable, so while Vermont consumes great quantities of power from Hydro Quebec, we can't count it as renewable energy in our utilities' portfolios. That, of course, is an act of deliberate, politically inspired stupidity.
4 Nov 2009
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