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October's hallowed wind(farms)?

After much soul-searching as an advocate of both growing our needed renewable energy and protecting our honey pot of the environment, I have chosen to be an opponent of the proposed wind ordinance. I make this choice mainly because of the "back-room" way it has been drafted. I'm really sick of the cowardly darkness of the "behind-the-scenes" smugness emanating from those who must creep away before the fair input of the public sun can rise. Despite their political pretenses, they drain energy and our future quality of life, rather than renew our wherewithal and protect our powerful natural resources.
14 Oct 2009

Turbine tops Wellfleet's fall Special Town Meeting warrant

There are only 14 articles on the warrant for the Oct. 26 Wellfleet Special Town Meeting, but four of them are big ticket items, expected to generate a lot of discussion. Chief among them is article 2, which asks voters to appropriate $290,000 for the permitting and survey of the building site for construction of one wind turbine at Wellfleet-by-the Sea.
9 Oct 2009

Read Orleans' recommendations for wind turbine zoning

At Thursday's Orleans Town Council meeting, the town's Wind Committee submitted its second set of recommendations for wind turbine zoning. The first set had recommendations for noise rules and setbacks to avoid ice throw, turbine failure and flicker. These recommendations deal with other concerns, including well water disruption and radon exposure because of rock blasting.
9 Oct 2009

Orleans council cancels wind session

The Orleans Town Council canceled a wind power comment meeting that had been set for Oct. 21. The council had agreed to host the meeting after Horse Creek Wind Farm proponents balked at the recommendations from the town's Wind Committee for more restrictive zoning for commercial wind farms in the town. The council and committee discussed the recommendations at a meeting Sept. 17.
9 Oct 2009

Turbine owner given reprieve

Roger D. Alexander can keep his 92-foot wind turbine, for now. Alan N. Wood, the town's zoning enforcement officer, said Mr. Alexander will be given another chance to appeal his case to the town's Zoning Board of Appeals. Mr. Wood said that he notified Mr. Alexander of his violation by mail last month and that a written response from Mr. Alexander's attorney, David B. Guertsen, arrived last week.
9 Oct 2009

Wind farm ordinance tabled

The Edgar County Board tabled action on a Wind Energy Conversion System Ordinance at a meeting Wednesday morning. The goal of the ordinance is to protect county and township infrastructure during the building of giant towers that convert wind power into electricity. Board member Dan Winans has mostly worked alone to create the ordinance by borrowing from existing ordinances in neighboring counties.
8 Oct 2009

Lincolnshire to ban green energy sources

Lincolnshire officials expect to extend a temporary ban on the construction of wind turbines and other alternative-energy generators, Mayor Brett Blomberg said. The moratorium was enacted in June with a four-month life span. ...The moratorium was enacted to allow village staffers to study the pros and cons of alternative energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels, and to draft a policy governing their use.
8 Oct 2009

Block Island public land should not become windmill site

Is it right for the Town Council of New Shoreham to change the terms of a gift of land to the town, 31 years after the gift was made? This is the thrust of the public hearing on October 5, in reference to the windmill project proposed for the Transfer Station site. ...Numerous groups have bonded together to preserve more that 40 percent of this island. For those of you who enjoy these preserved areas, please realize that this kind of "spot zoning" sets a precedent that can put all of these, now public, areas in great danger. For those of you who may be thinking of donating land or are working toward the preservation and conservation of an area for a specific use - think hard - your dreams are in danger!
7 Oct 2009

Review the wind turbine proposal

I am writing to express my desire to carefully review the wind turbine proposal for Winnebago County. As a resident, I want to see several things in our decision process. I would like to assure that we are taking into account that human development and environmental sustainability are both considered. A connected plan will best serve the long-term interests in our county. Let us use the direction of experts such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the available research.
7 Oct 2009

Planning Commission: Allow wind turbines

Albemarle County Planning Commission members sent a clear message Tuesday: The county should allow wind turbines. Turbines are prohibited in Albemarle, but the Planning Commission unanimously approved a resolution calling for the county to allow small power-generating wind turbines. However, some specifics about where turbines should be allowed and what restrictions should be established were left up in the air.
7 Oct 2009

County sets rules for wind power as firm eyes Pleasant Township for turbines

The Porter County Commissioners on Tuesday approved two amendments to the county's Unified Development Ordinance establishing the county's first-ever regulations on wind energy systems. One ordinance spells out the rules for small-scale, individual turbines, and the other consists of regulations for large wind farms. TradeWind Energy, based in Kansas, is currently in the process of getting leases in place from property owners in south Porter County.
7 Oct 2009

Wayne may hire consultant on wind turbines

"We are hiring someone with expertise who can help us in reformulating this ordinance that will be beneficial for all of the taxpayers," Vergano said. The question of where turbines should be allowed has sparked an ongoing controversy since Robert Burke, owner of the Wayne Auto Spa, sought Planning Board approval to install a turbine at his Hamburg Turnpike quick lube and carwash. His proposal was met with fierce opposition by alarmed residents who say the turbine would be noisy, fling ice from its blades and have other potentially negative health impacts.
6 Oct 2009

Invenergy applies for wind farm in Orangeville

Invenergy has formally submitted its application for a 59-turbine wind farm within the town. The Chicago-based company applied this past Friday to the town for a special use permit. ...The project -- much like the neighboring High Sheldon Wind Farm -- has already generated its share of controversy among town residents. Opponents and supporters are offering vocal opinions for and against the proposed development.
6 Oct 2009

Ordinance ends district's large turbine pursuit

The South Washington County School District has abandoned its interest in a large wind turbine as Woodbury officials are near prohibiting that type of project. East Ridge High School will not be the site of a utility-scale wind turbine ...The decision was influenced by a pending alternative energy ordinance that would restrict the size and location of wind turbines in Woodbury.
6 Oct 2009

Wind energy rules eyed

Currently, there are no wind turbines generating electricity in Grand Ledge, and there are none planned. But, when and if someone decides to build one, the city plans to be ready. "The primary reason the Planning Commission wanted to proceed was to have something in place to protect the public should somebody choose to put in a wind conversion device," said Grand Ledge Mayor Kalmin Smith.
4 Oct 2009

Towns plan for new wind siting law

Officials in Union and Magnolia townships consider moratoriums on wind turbines to be the temporary answer in response to a new state law. Wind developer EcoEnergy has proposed projects in both communities. Local residents are concerned the new process on siting wind energy systems signed into law this week will erase their work to protect themselves from negative effects.
3 Oct 2009

Goodhue landowners want more info about wind projects

"We thought we found our Shangri-La," Schulte, a rural Goodhue landowner, told about 90 people gathered Wednesday for an informational wind energy meeting. "If I would have known the (wind) project was in the works, I would not have bought this property." Schulte bought land four miles west of Goodhue more than two years ago. He said many landowners like himself - those who don't own enough property to house wind turbines but will live directly in their shadows.
3 Oct 2009

Change might be in the air in Baltimore County

Light breezes and low elevations make Baltimore County uninviting territory for big wind farms, but the terrain could be more promising for residents hoping to trim electric bills and their "carbon footprint" with a home turbine. The outlook could hinge on deliberations going on now, as the county revises the zoning code to cover such projects. Meanwhile, one homeowner's plan for the county's first electricity-generating wind turbine remains on hold as neighbors who say they support alternative energy have lined up against it.
3 Oct 2009

Caseyville windmill saga continues; Appeal planned after forgery charges handed down

It took a St. Clair County jury less than an hour last month to find Wetzel guilty on four counts of forgery for falsifying a building permit on a 120-foot wind turbine he wanted to construct at his business, which sits near Illinois Route 157 and Interstate 64. Village attorney Duane Clarke, who did not prosecute the case, said each of the forgery charges resulted when Wetzel presented a demolition permit to the police and zoning departments to make it appear he also had permission to build the structure.
2 Oct 2009

Special-use permit sought for wind farm

Officials with a Houston-based wind-energy company have applied for a special-use permit to make way for the first phase of a massive wind farm spanning from Gibson City to Sibley to near Elliott. The Ford Ridge Wind Farm is targeted for construction late next year or in early 2011, said Roger Brown, business developer for BP Wind Energy North America Inc.
1 Oct 2009
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