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City wind turbine law breezes through vote

The City Council Tuesday night unanimously approved a zoning amendment that expands provisions governing wind turbines, and allowing by right small wind facilities in business/general, manufacturing and institutional districts, and by special permit from the Planning Board in residential and business/office districts. Meanwhile, large wind turbines, which have a rotor diameter greater than 20 feet and no higher overall than 265 feet, would require a special permit in all zoning districts.
7 Jan 2010

Planning board hears second plea from wind turbine developer

A developer who failed to garner approval for two large wind turbines off Route 3A is back before the planning board for a second attempt. But project opponents say a newly discovered zoning issue should derail the proposal for good. Developer James Sweeney of CCI Energy proposed the construction of two 450-foot wind turbines last January. After months of contentious hearings, the plan was rejected.
7 Jan 2010

County examines wind farm zoning

Discussions continue regarding a proposal to make wind farms a permitted use within the zoning ordinance, which would eliminate the need for a special use permit. Advocates say this zoning change would allow officials to avoid lengthy public hearings on future wind farm projects, making this area more accommodating to wind energy companies. Even so, Groves said public meetings would have to be included in any new zoning ordinance.
6 Jan 2010

Air comments on wind turbine legislation at Jan. 7 hearing

Members of Team Smart, which stands for the group Support More Alternative Renewable Technology that formed a year ago to study the wind turbine issue in Baltimore County, will join other speakers at the Planning Board's public meeting at 5 p.m. in Towson. Key components of the Board's proposed legislation allow turbines on lots of 1 acre or more.
5 Jan 2010

Lyme wind law petition ruled valid

State appellate judges sided Wednesday with a lower court in determining that 10 Lyme town residents presented a valid petition last year to require a supermajority to pass a wind energy facility law. The petition was signed by residents who thought the town zoning law had "excessive" setback requirements.
4 Jan 2010

Santa Cruz County wind turbine presents conundrum for state regulators

The regulatory agency has told a Santa Cruz County couple that a wind turbine planned for their new home in the Pleasure Point neighborhood is too tall. Suggesting it would add to the area's "visual clutter," the commission recommends the residents lower their proposed 35-foot-high, electricity-generating windmill, an idea the home's architect says is simply unworkable.
31 Dec 2009

Council gets look at noise law

Currently there is no municipal law governing noise in Crescent City, but over the past several months, as the Planning Commission has attempted to draft an ordinance for small wind energy systems, it was apparent that rules for noise were needed.
31 Dec 2009

Green energy options spark new ordinances

"One of the things that we're looking at as a part of this overall rewrite is should we allow wind turbines? And if we do, how do we allow wind turbines within city limits?" said Spirit Lake City Administrator Mark Stevens. "We have the desire to help people move toward energy efficiency and sustainability, but we have to counter this with concerns over property values, aesthetics and safety"
30 Dec 2009

Erie's zoning code goes green?: Meeting to focus on solar power

Technology exists to generate electricity through wind turbines and solar panels. But Erie's zoning code hasn't caught up -- yet. Erie City Council will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to the code that would allow for the construction and installation of "urban solar farms," or large-scale, commercial energy-generation facilities, within the city limits.
28 Dec 2009

With development up, area counties add wind power regulations

Stahr said counties' interest in regulating wind power picked up after two events last spring. First, the state's first commercially developed wind project, Elkhorn Ridge near Bloomfield in northeast Nebraska, went online in March. Second, the state Legislature passed a bill in May enabling net metering, which allows residents who generate their own power to sell the excess back to public utilities.
27 Dec 2009

Towns should be proactive on wind turbine rules

As the cold winter wind whips through the region, there's one bright spot to think about - the state's potential to harness that energy into electricity. But that potential also brings concerns about wind turbines making noise, harming birds and disturbing the bucolic landscape. That's why municipalities need to take a proactive stance.
18 Dec 2009

Victor OKs rules on wind turbines

The Victor Town Board adopted a new law Monday regulating wind turbines and settled a lawsuit over a fence erected by residents in a conservation area. There are no wind turbines in the town currently, but the new law was established to address potential future problems.
15 Dec 2009

County signs off on wind turbines the ninth inning, Supervisor Dennis S. Rooker rallied support for restrictions aimed to limit noise and visual disturbances. Rooker argued Wednesday that wind turbines should be permitted only in rural areas, and should be erected no closer to neighboring property than 150 feet. Supervisors passed a version of Rooker's proposal Thursday when they amended a county zoning code to allow wind turbines no taller than 35 feet.
11 Dec 2009

Wishek discusses wind turbine

The Wishek City Council went into a closed session to talk about its legal options in the case of residents whose wind turbine was supposed to have been taken down last week. Larry and Jeanne Walth of Wishek put up a small wind turbine in their backyard in June and were told by the city last month that it needed to come down by last Friday or the Walths would face a possible fine of $500 a day.
9 Dec 2009

Planning Board takes back eolic [wind energy] plant approval

Planning Board President Héctor Morales Vargas announced Monday the agency has left without effect the approval of the location consultation for the construction of an eolic or wind energy plant in Guayanilla. While the Planning Board approved Windmar Renewable Energy Inc.'s location consultation in May of this year, several groups who opposed the project ...requested a revision of consultation number 2006-61-0536-JPU.
8 Dec 2009

Council to revisit proposed wind turbine ordinance

Having been tabled during a council meeting last month, a proposed ordinance that would allow wind turbines in industrial and commercial districts - but not in residential neighborhoods - is set for more discussion Monday. City council will meet with the city planning commission to begin working kinks out of the draft law, which would allow turbines in certain zones.
7 Dec 2009
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