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Wind ordinance angst builds in Rumford

Depending on what selectmen decide at next Wednesday's special meeting, voters trying to adopt an ordinance on Nov. 2 to regulate wind farms could face two proposals instead of one. Currently, selectmen have accepted one proposed ordinance from the Wind Power Advisory Committee.
10 Sep 2010

Village of Golden receives citizen petition, acts to prevent wind development in 1.5 mile zone around city

Noting the clear mandate from the citizens of Golden, the Village of Golden Board of Trustees passed a motion that stated that it is in the best interest of the Village of Golden and its residents to implement the provisions of Illinois State Law 65 ILCS 5/11-13-26 and proceed immediately to prohibit the construction of the wind turbines (as specified by the Adams County Wind Ordinance) within the 1.5 mile radius surrounding the Village of Golden's municipal limits.
9 Sep 2010

Clayton trustees receive petition against wind energy

Village trustees received a petition containing 196 signatures against the development of wind energy within village limits and the 1.5-mile radius surrounding the village's zoning jurisdiction. ...Acciona representative, Chip Readling said the zoning radius around Clayton would eliminate a lot of land from the area, forcing it to realign their turbine alignment.
9 Sep 2010

Wind power developers concerned about regs

Invenergy project manager Will Furgeson said while he continues to pursue a proposed project in northern Ellis County, the increased setbacks adopted Monday have caused concern about creating a viable project in the county. ...Along with increased setbacks, the amended regulations call for a standard for noise in wind projects not to exceed 40 decibels.
4 Sep 2010

Selectmen to continue wind-ordinance discussion

Selectman Greg Buccina believes the proposed ordinance is important to protecting residents as well as stringent enough to prevent people from challenging it. "I think we need to overprotect," he said. Selectman Mark Belanger argued that the proposed ordinance essentially outlaws wind development.
31 Aug 2010

Town accepts final impact statement; Vote to suspend development fails

Following the meeting, Cindy L. Grant, a member of Environmentally Concerned Citizens Organization, said the environmental impact statement's validity is marred by ethics complaints being investigated by the attorney general. "This is a place where people live their whole lives and want to retire here," she said. "How can a board that is as compromised as this one make any decisions?"
19 Aug 2010
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