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Logan County Board to decide wind farm fate

The Logan County Board is expected to decide on a proposed wind farm for the county, but will do so without a recommendation from the county's Zoning Board of Appeals. ...ZBA Chairman Doug Thompson, who voted against the recommendation, said during the public hearings there was a lack of support for the project and he heard only opposition to the project from local residents.
13 Jan 2015

Panel looks at turbine rules

The committee voted for all six resolutions at once, passing them 10-1. Committee member Todd Johnson of District 1 was the lone dissenting vote. ...The resolution calls for changes to include a setback of 1,640 feet from the property lines of non-participating properties. 
13 Jan 2015

Temporary wind power ban on Orland ballot

A 100-plus crowd turned out Wednesday evening for a public conversation about a proposed moratorium on wind power development. That moratorium, which will come to vote at a special town meeting Jan. 20, would prevent the town from accepting any wind power proposals for 180 days.
9 Jan 2015

Heritage sues Garden Township

In January, the Garden Peninsula Foundation entered a lawsuit against Heritage, claiming the company commenced operation of 14 wind turbines on the Garden Peninsula in 2012 without first obtaining an environmental impact assessment from a federal or state agency. The complaint also alleged the plaintiffs experienced “negative impacts to their health and well-being, use and enjoyment of their property and diminution in value of their property due to turbines”.
1 Jan 2015

County votes to slow the breezes for turbine energy; Commissioners want updated ordinance for wind parks

“I don’t know where this is all going to go,” County Commissioner John Nugent said Tuesday. “But we have to begin somewhere on trying to control the irresponsible spread of wind turbines.” On Tuesday, county commissioners voted 6-1 to pay up to $1,000 to Foster Swift, a Grand Rapids law firm, to draft paperwork for a moratorium on wind energy in Huron County. 
31 Dec 2014

Changes ahead for wind ordinance

The Howard County Commissioners are set to consider changes to the county’s wind turbine ordinance. If adopted, it is very possible that an industrial wind farm never will be constructed here. The commissioners were expected to hear recommendations to change the ordinance at their Dec. 29 meeting. 
31 Dec 2014

Meade wind energy ballot issue is not a done deal

Meade resident Rita Parsch’s petition for referendum, filed with the township board, sought to put on the May ballot the question of whether DTE Energy’s wind overlay district should be approved. The overlay map deems areas within the township suitable for the utility’s plan to site 40 wind turbines.
23 Dec 2014

Wind energy discussion blown back to Spearfish City Council

The Spearfish City Council will renew discussions about an ordinance pertaining to wind energy generation systems in early 2015, following the tabling of a proposal in 2010. Wind energy generation systems exist outside of city limits, such as this one along the Old Belle Road, and the council discussed the desire to have standards in place regarding wind energy.
17 Dec 2014

Oklahoma Corporation Commission ends wind inquiry, calls for rules on decommissioning of turbines

“We don’t have enough regulations in rural areas in regards to where these[wind]  farms are going,” Rep. Earl Sears, R-Bartlesville. “It’s imperative we put some in place, not only for the benefit of the wind power, but for the people who have to be around them. Let there be no doubt: The state Legislature is absolutely going to send some legislation forward putting rules and regulations in place."
3 Dec 2014

When too big is an issue

This sudden political wind shift has its roots in local citizen opposition based on concerns about noise, visual blight and environmental issues. It also springs from fears the state could usurp town authority ...But at the bottom of it all is a sense of unease over any project that seems, well, just way too big, too complicated or too difficult to control.
23 Nov 2014

Wind ordinance revisions no easy task

The work teams have been studying areas of the ordinance dealing with property values, decommissioning, noise and shadow flicker, and setback requirements.  Darrell Cameron of rural Rankin chairs the Set-back work group.  ‘’The set-back recommendation was 2,640 feet from the non-participating owner’s property line.  And the group feels that will not stop any wind farm from being developed,’’ says Cameron. ‘’It will simply allow all area residents to participate.’’
23 Nov 2014

Catlin eyes windfarm ban

Catlin officials had been close to enacting new regulations limiting where the turbines - which would be 430 feet tall - could be located.  However, the town is now moving toward an outright ban instead, said Catlin Town Supervisor Laverne Phelps.
21 Nov 2014

Feds call for no coastal turbines — unless county thinks otherwise

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it is confident that land area within three miles of the Lake Huron and Saginaw Bay shorelines needs to be protected from wind energy development. ...the federal conservancy agency recommends Huron County include in its wind energy ordinance a “three-mile buffer inland from the shoreline that precludes development of wind power projects,” according to an Oct. 20 letter sent to the county.
17 Nov 2014
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