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Wind farm complaints prompt review of rules

Michael Creech had planned to retire at the family homestead, a two-story farmhouse among square miles of farmland east of Hope in western Vermilion County. But he said he's changed his mind ...mostly because of the noise. There are three different noises, a whooshing sound from the blades turning, a droning noise that he compares to a jet engine, and noise from the motors when the turbines change position.
10 Mar 2013

An ill wind is blowing

You cannot be at the same time a wind energy town and a location for retirees, second homes and the odd couple resettling. One of the area's most respected real estate agents has already made it clear that no one is interested in looking at land adjacent to the wind proposal property.
3 Mar 2013

The Northern Pass | 'My roots are deeper than your pockets'

Strangers' money has drawn a line across the land, sowing discord. It has divided the Placey family. They no longer talk to those who sold out. "We pleaded with them; we asked them not to sell," Lynne says. But they wouldn't listen; they wanted the money. Her sister-in-law is distraught. She was close to her nieces; she can't believe that they would do this. This division is repeated all over town, straining the North Country ethic of looking out for your neighbor.
1 Mar 2013

Vermont, New England begin sobering up...Public support for ridgeline windparks erodes!

"Citizens investigating this technology's impact on their communities are deciding wind projects don't make for good neighbors. With four projects operating in Vermont and accumulating noise complaints, and another three communities with active developments, Vermonters are examining this technology ...We predict support will continue to erode as developers continue to push this technology on our communities," continued Snelling.
27 Feb 2013

Wind turbine problems no surprise

These problems were predicted before their construction, but wind developers persuaded future neighbors that there would not be any problems. Now, as more turbines are built near residential areas, post-installation problems are emerging, causing precisely the problems that wind turbine opponents said would happen.
22 Feb 2013

Doreen Reilly files zoning-violation complaint against Kingston Wind Independence

Reilly, who lives less than a quarter mile from the KWI Turbine on Leland Road, has been one of a plethora of residents claiming ill-health effects stemming from shadow flicker and infrasound generated by the KWI Turbine. Yesterday, Reilly filed a zoning complaint against the KWI Turbine with Kingston Zoning Enforcement Officer Paul Armstrong.
22 Feb 2013
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