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Aboveground transmission power line defies Hartland Township ordinance

In 2007, The Michigan Public Service Board approved construction of an overhead transmission line in Livingston and Oakland counties by ITC Transmission. The Transmission line defies a Hartland Township local ordinance which requires all new electrical transmission lines to be buried. The new power line will stretch for 21-miles through a pristine section of Hartland Township. The poles will be between 100 and 140 feet in height. Similar transmission infrastructure is proposed or under construction to service wind facilities in the US. The Hartland residents express their concerns in this video. Duration: 3 minutes 9 seconds
29 Jul 2008

Fox news report from Wisconsin

This news report from Fox News in Wisconsin highlights the impacts of industrial wind facilities on the land, on individuals living near the turbines (noise, flicker, television reception), and on community harmony. Includes interesting scenes of the Blue Sky, Green Field wind project in Wisconsin as well as shadows from the blades.  Duration: 6 minutes 46 seconds
11 May 2008

Welcome to Mars Hill - Part 1 of 3

This video introduces you to the people of Mars Hill ME who are being driven from their homes due to wind turbine noise. UPC Wind installed 28 1.5 MW turbines within 2600 feet of where these families live. The problem of noise developed almost immediately after the turbines were turned on. Welcome to Mars Hill: Part 1: 9 minutes 42 seconds Part 2: 9 minutes 06 seconds Part 3: 3 minutes 15 seconds   Credits: Special thanks to Carol and Paul Brouha, Bobbie Kinnel, Wendy Todd, and Praetorian Productions for creating this video. We also wish to thank Rick Bolton of Environmental Compliance Alliance for converting the DVD to .wmv format.  
25 Dec 2007

Wind energy facilities in the Columbia River Gorge?

This is a September 2007 FOX News report on the Cascade Wind Project, a large industrial wind facility proposed on Sevenmile Hill in Wasco County, Oregon, immediately adjacent to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Each wind tower would be 400 feet tall and highly visible from several miles away. The project would forever change the natural scenic views in the Rowena area of the Gorge. This landscape has been largely unaltered since Lewis and Clark traveled through the Gorge two hundred years ago. Duration: 2 minutes 17 seconds
14 Dec 2007
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