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Majority testify against CMP power line upgrade

The majority of the testimony was against the $13 million to $14 million project that would widen the current 34.5-kilovolt power line corridor between Rumford and Roxbury by 150 feet and install 8 miles of utility poles topped with 115-kilovolt transmission line. The power company says the upgrade and a new substation in Roxbury is necessary to channel electricity to be generated next year when the $120 million Record Hill Wind LLC wind farm is built atop Roxbury ridges.
20 Jan 2010

Wind transmission grid weakens west of Wisconsin

The multimillion-dollar construction projects to get the blades spinning won't mean much if there's no way to transmit wind farm electricity. So far in Wisconsin, transmission has been less of a problem than local approvals and harnessing the wind, but that could change as the state reaches farther west for renewable energy.
20 Jan 2010

BPA hopes to build new transmission line

A new transmission line proposed to run between two Eastern Washington substations will help carry locally generated energy, including wind power, to the grid. The Bonneville Power Administration is proposing to build a 40-mile, 500-kilovolt transmission line between its existing Lower Monumental Substation south of Kahlotus in Walla Walla County to its planned Central Ferry Substation in Garfield County.
20 Jan 2010

Arguments picking up over transmission line

A decision on whether to build a new transmission line from Pueblo to Walsenburg and on to the San Luis Valley won't come quickly. But the arguments between the utility companies proposing the line and their opponents have mushroomed as the state and federal government carry out separate reviews.
17 Jan 2010

MATL could unleash torrent of wind projects

A biting wind whipped across the snow-covered Montana prairie as Clayton Larsen and John Mattheis took soil samples from 30 feet below the surface north of Conrad late last week. The men, who work for SK Geotechnical in Billings, are helping to build the $215 million, 230-kilovolt Montana Alberta Tie Line - a transmission line that could be the key to the future of wind development in the region.
17 Jan 2010

Judge orders halt to work on wind transmission project

A ruling by an Austin judge will freeze work on high voltage power lines to take electricity from West Texas wind energy projects to other parts of the state. State District Judge Stephen Yelenosky reversed an order from the Public Utility Commission awarding billions of dollars in transmission projects, siding with arguments from the city of Garland that the PUC failed to properly consider low-cost public power entities like Garland for the projects.
16 Jan 2010

District judge rules in favor of Texas ratepayers

In a big win for Texas ratepayers, state District Judge Stephen Yelenosky today has reversed an order of the PUC awarding billions of dollars of transmission projects. The City of Garland had alleged that the Public Utility Commission failed to properly consider the needs of electric customers when it awarded the wind-related projects last year and failed to realistically consider low-cost public power entities like Garland.
15 Jan 2010

CMP grid plan offers wrong solution

Central Maine Power says it has a severe reliability problem. No doubt it does, but the issue is CMP's credibility, not a failing electrical grid. Yes, the grid always needs improvements and updating. But Maine shouldn't drop all other energy priorities and immediately spend $1.5 billion on CMP's so-called Maine Power Reliability Project (MPRP). And for those grid investments that are necessary, CMP's strategy is entirely backwards: They are proposing to start with the most expensive (and dirtiest) option first.
10 Jan 2010

Minnesota Power transmission line

MN Power has increased its rates due in part to try and meet a state mandate. Minnesota energy producers must generate 25 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. So, MN power purchased a $70 million dollar transmission line that will eventually switch from coal to wind energy. One MN Power customer feels that her rates shouldn't have increased.
4 Jan 2010

Wind farm power line permit held up

A pending wind farm project hit a snag in Tuesday's Brookings County Commission meeting when a local telecommunications company expressed concern about the wind farm's potential for interfering with phone lines. ..."We have in the past had some experiences with what's referred to as inductive interference that's caused by wind farms and their transmission lines. And it causes the quality of the services that our company to its customers to suffer severely on occasions."
2 Jan 2010

Alamosa County calls for more utility lines

The Alamosa Board of County Commissioners endorsed a letter Wednesday urging the state's utility companies to support the development of more transmission lines in Southern Colorado. The letter, originally drafted by the southern district of Colorado Counties Inc., argues that more transmission to the region would increase access to Southern Colorado's wind and solar resources.
1 Jan 2010

Town seeks distance from power lines

The people who live in Pleasant Springs have no choice but to trust that an estimated $220 million transmission line will not get too close to a subdivision. ...Public Service Commission of Wisconsin earlier this month chose not to reconsider Waukesha-based American Transmission Co. LLC's proposal for a 345-kilovolt line between Rockdale and west Middleton near Madison.
29 Dec 2009

Erie's zoning code goes green?: Meeting to focus on solar power

Technology exists to generate electricity through wind turbines and solar panels. But Erie's zoning code hasn't caught up -- yet. Erie City Council will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to the code that would allow for the construction and installation of "urban solar farms," or large-scale, commercial energy-generation facilities, within the city limits.
28 Dec 2009

Bill would halt high-voltage lines in Chino Hills

A bill to be introduced by Assemblyman Curt Hagman will fight Southern California Edison's plan to erect large electrical towers near homes in the city. The 200-foot high voltage towers that Edison aims to construct in Chino Hills are part of its 173-mile green energy project that will travel from wind farms in Kern County to the Los Angeles Basin. Residents and city officials fear the potential for harm.
27 Dec 2009

Assemblyman, county officials oppose energy towers

A bill to be introduced by Assemblyman Curt Hagman will fight Southern California Edison's plan to erect large electrical towers near homes in the city. The 200-foot high voltage towers that Edison aims to construct in Chino Hills are part of its 173-mile green energy project that will travel from wind farms in Kern County to the Los Angeles Basin.
25 Dec 2009

County to fight power line project

Antelope Valley residents pitted their people power against electrical power on Tuesday when they sought help from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in fighting a transmission line project planned by Southern California Edison. In response, the board voted 4-0 for 5th District Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich's motion to direct county attorneys to mount a legal challenge for the transmission line.
23 Dec 2009

Tehachapi renewable energy project challenged by LA County supervisors

A $1.7 billion Southern California Edison renewable energy project under construction in three counties met with a legal challenge today from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The project is intended to create 250 miles of new and upgraded electrical transmission facilities and substations. The project will transmit electrical power from wind farms in Tehachapi.
22 Dec 2009

Texas Panhandle's Palo Duro Canyon at center of debate over wind-power transmission lines

Sharyland Utilities, a unit of Hunt Consolidated, is one of the companies building a web of transmission lines to bring West Texas wind power to Dallas and other big cities. ...But Sharyland has proposed stringing one of the lines across the Palo Duro Canyon. ...Under three of five basic scenarios, the line would go from rim to rim of the second-largest canyon in the country. ...The Palo Duro Canyon power line is a dramatic example of the type of friction that accompanies the siting of many transmission lines. Other utilities building the wind lines face their own community concerns. PUC spokesman Terry Hadley said he expects most of the wind transmission lines to face opposition.
20 Dec 2009

Commission sides with Edison on Chino Hills power line route

City officials on Thursday expressed disappointment after the state Public Utilities Commission sided with a controversial Southern California Edison plan to run a high-voltage power line through neighborhoods. The energy line is part of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project, a series of high-voltage electric transmission lines to deliver electricity from wind farms in Tehachapi Pass to the Los Angeles basin.
18 Dec 2009
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