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House changes rules on RGGI program

House Bill 208 originally would have repealed the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative program, but was changed by the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee to retain the emissions reduction program, but use all the money generated by emission allowance auctions as rebates to electric customers.
20 Feb 2015

Renewable Energy Leaders Push For More Requirements

Tom Dennison, a spokesman for the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, said companies are making big investments just to reach the current goal of 20 percent by 2022, and additional mandates will cost ratepayers more. Dennison noted that southern Maryland now gets about 10 percent of its electricity from renewables.
20 Feb 2015

Setting the record straight on the FTC decision

GMP still doesn’t seem to get what this is all about. This is not just about being more transparent and honest with its customers, though that would be a welcome change. Even more importantly, this is about whether GMP’s policy of selling RECs, which is perfectly legal under Vermont’s flawed SPEED program, is reducing Vermont’s carbon footprint. The truth is that it is not. 
12 Feb 2015

Clean tech loses power in energy portfolios; Once-promising niche gives ground to shale boom, falling oil prices

Once positioned to be a star of investors' portfolios, clean technology has been reduced to bit-part status ...Last year, global clean-tech funds raised $2.9 billion, compared to $42.4 billion for global energy private equity funds, according to London-based alternative investment research firm Preqin. So far this year, clean-tech funds have raised $400 million vs. $2.9 billion for traditional energy funds.
10 Feb 2015

Opponents speak out against bills that would change renewable energy laws

Flanagan said the program has created a slush fund used to balance the state budget, more than encouraging renewables. The state Legislature in 2013 grabbed more than $17 million from the Renewable Energy Fund to balance the budget and bail out the financially troubled Tri-County Community Action program in the North Country, leaving a balance of $7.8 million for renewable energy grants and rebates.
29 Jan 2015
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