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A blight on beautiful Wyo landscape

I returned to Wyoming last summer after a 10-month trip. Arriving home, I was surprised and dismayed to see that tall, futuristic-appearing windmills had popped up in various parts of the Cowboy State ...the idea of windmills has not received thorough analysis. Willy-nilly construction of windmills is filled with unintended consequences harmful to Wyoming and other states in the Rocky Mountain West.
23 May 2010

Maine people waking up

As an active professional working to save Maine's mountaintops, I've met and have dealt with large groups who are opposed to improper siting of wind factories. We all agree that much larger and more efficient wind factories in the ocean beyond sight of shore, where wind is better and more reliable, makes more sense. To say we are against wind power is a falsehood. As to the sound problems that Aniel argues, the Maine Medical Association agrees with her, not Dr. Dora Anne Mills.
22 May 2010

Rural county ‘wind truth' groups object to noise, impact of turbines

As wind-farm developments turn up around Rochester, so have "wind truth" groups in three southeast Minnesota counties. So far, Goodhue Wind Truth, Olmsted Wind Truth and Dodge Wind Truth organizations have popped in southeast Minnesota counties of the same names. All three groups maintain websites that contain video of huge wind turbines erected perilously close to homes.
17 May 2010

Legislature debates wind towers; County lawmakers oppose Lake Erie site

The Chautauqua County Legislature opposes the development of offshore wind power in Lake Erie. Legislators passed a motion opposing the New York Power Authority's proposal to develop wind-generating projects in the Great Lakes during its April meeting. The item was one of the last pieces of business on the legislature's agenda during the marathon four-hour long meeting.
16 May 2010

Environmental Squeezing in a "liberal" Oregon County

Hood River County's more radical environmentalists have joined the battle against county commissioners' attempt to emplace a 9-megawatt wind farm on a forest-zoned, wildlife-rich ridgetip near residents' homes. A citizens' petition for a ballot initiative on the issue is receiving wide circulation. The battle between ecologists and energy-crisis exploiters in bucolic Hood River County, Oregon, peaks.
16 May 2010

Westport voters face turbine question

An expert says that a wind turbine at the town-owned forest behind Beech Grove Cemetery would generate as much electricity or more than a similar turbine in Portsmouth, R.I. that has netted that town $281,219 in cash after all costs in just one year. After hearing on March 20 that an investment in a 1.65 megawatt turbine may produce as good as or better results than Portsmouth's The Board of Selectmen unanimously agreed to place a question of whether the town will fund a $14,500 feasibility study on the Town Meeting.
14 May 2010

Public comments aired at wind project hearing

Arthur Giacalone, an attorney from East Aurora ...said there was inadequate time to review the project's draft environmental impact statement, and he urged residents to approach the DEIS with "healthy skepticism" as it contained what he called slanted information. "If you take the time to closely examine it, there is example after example of where this is happening," Giacalone said.
13 May 2010

Churning up a remote area

A couple of weeks ago, Oregon's two senators and Congressman Greg Walden were happy to announce they had overcome the objections of the Air Force to the construction of a huge windfarm in north-central Oregon. The news report on their announcement showed why this may turn out to be a mixed blessing: "Plans call for building 338 wind turbines on 32,000 acres in remote areas of Gilliam and Morrow counties."
13 May 2010

Green Scene: Blowing in the wind

There's a cold wind blowing on the hopes of wind-energy advocates in Western North Carolina, thanks to a pending bill in the N.C. General Assembly. As early as May 12, state legislators will take up Senate Bill 1068 when they reconvene in the short session. The bill - which would establish a regulatory system for wind-energy farms - has stirred fierce debate between advocates and opponents of wind energy in the mountains of North Carolina.
12 May 2010

HPC opposes windmills in Cape May

The city's Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) is wary of wind mills and wind turbines in the historic district or elsewhere in the city that would be visible from the historic district. ...Coupland said windmills would be visible since they are elevated and need clear air space and therefore were not appropriate in the city's historic district. "And maybe not in Cape May," he continued.
5 May 2010

Wind farm in South Plymouth draws negative response from neighbors

Plans for a wind farm on Head of the Bay Road are creating turbulence in South Plymouth with the landowner and neighbors at odds over the impact on their quality of life. After nearly four hours of presentations and discussion, the Planning Board decided to continue Monday's discussion of the request for a special permit for the wind farm and wind energy facility until next Monday night.
5 May 2010

For some, wind farms have potential to be too close

Concerns about health have some Crofte Township residents opposed to a nearby wind farm. NextEra Energy proposed last fall to build five wind turbines within the township. Some adjacent landowners and nearby neighbors are concerned about the nearness of the towers to their homes. "Our primary concern is health and lack of sleep," Crofte Township resident Geralyn Laurie said.
3 May 2010

Blown away: Residents, officials look at North Dakota's wind industry

John Spitzer enjoys the beauty of his land in the spring: green grass, clear blue sky and a spinning wind turbine on the horizon. "I think they're beautiful," the Wilton farmer said. But some people in the Baldwin area think the turbines are an eyesore that could devalue adjacent property and cause health complications. "We're going to lose our very precious spaces," Vernon Spitzer said.
3 May 2010

More on Goodhue Wind project

My husband and I were contacted by National Wind and the AWA Goodhue Wind project late, too. ...they wanted us to sign a wind lease contract for a minimal amount to compensate us for having the wind turbine close to our home. We decided there was not a good reason to sign away our land rights for 20, 30 or possibly 50 years for any amount of money, let alone a pittance. The two representatives from National Wind came to our house twice. We had many questions and never felt like we got answers to those questions.
1 May 2010

Consequences of wind development aren't always in landowners' control

The loss of aerial application services isn’t the only negative consequence that wind turbines can have on farmers’ productivity. A deeper problem exists, literally. Steier has had conversations with friends and former customers who have lamented a major consideration they overlooked before signing their lease agreement: the impact of wind turbine construction and maintenance on their farm drainage systems.
1 May 2010
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