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Wind power company must remove wind turbine

Minnesota Power has been ordered to dismantle a wind turbine tower in its Bison 4 wind farm in Oliver County, because it is too close to an occupied residence. The turbine in question is 1100 feet from a farmstead owned by Keith and Deanna Kessler. The company had agreed to have a 1400 foot setback from occupied residences. 
4 Aug 2021

Plans for largest US solar field north of Vegas scrapped

A group of residents organized as “Save Our Mesa” argued such a large installation would be an eyesore and could curtail the area's popular recreational activities — biking, ATVs and skydiving — and deter tourists from visiting sculptor Michael Heizer's land installation, “Double Negative.”
23 Jul 2021

County, Apex to inspect damaged roads

Neosho County officials, an engineer, and a representative of wind farm developer Apex Clean Energy will tour roads in the Neosho Ridge Wind project area to view damage to county roads. Road and Bridge Director Mike Brown, County Counselor Seth Jones, engineer Tanner Yost with the firm Kirkham Michael, and Chris Weatherford of Apex will tour the area covered in the county’s Road Use Agreement with Apex. Yost said he reviewed the area and submitted a report June 10. Jones said that he has not received a written response from Apex, but he is supposed to receive it before the tour.
20 Jul 2021

Looming loss piles pressure on turbine maker Siemens Gamesa

Shares in Siemens Gamesa (SGREN.MC) fell more than 18% on Thursday after the wind turbine maker's second profit warning in less than three months due to spiralling raw materials prices and the cost of delivering its new onshore platform. The warning of a possible loss this year had a knock-on effect on parent Siemens Energy (ENR1n.DE), which owns 67% of Siemens Gamesa.
15 Jul 2021

How marginalized communities in the South are paying the price for ‘green energy’ in Europe

The EU directive that encouraged the pivot to biomass also left a loophole — it did not prevent the leveling of rooted trees for wood pellet production. “I can’t think of anything that harms nature more than cutting down trees and burning them,” said William Moomaw, professor emeritus of international environmental policy at Tufts University. Yet by burning wood, European power plants can reduce their carbon footprint — at least on paper.
9 Jul 2021

With Fountain Wind’s ties to corporations worth billions, is it a form of “Green Colonialism”?

The modest profit projections for Fountain Wind belie the massive corporate bankrolls backing the green-energy project. ConnectGen was established by the billionaire international private equity firm Quantum Energy Partners, which was recently in the news for bidding on bankrupt oil and gas corporations as well as launching a campaign to raise $4.5 billion for their investment portfolio. Fountain Wind also stands to enrich Shasta Cascade Timberland, a subsidiary of New Forest products, an Australian company that has more than AU$5.7 billion in assets internationally.  The nearly 30,000 acres of unceded Pit River ancestral land that is being leased to ConnectGen for the project is now owned by Shasta Cascade Timberland.
6 Jul 2021

With Fountain Wind appeal pending, Pit River Tribe continues battle for sacred sites

The Board of Supervisors will issue a final vote on Fountain Wind at a date still to be determined, according to Shasta County Senior Planner Lio Salazar. While the commissioners expressed multiple concerns about the project, three of them said protecting the Pit River tribe’s cultural heritage, religious practices and the remains of their ancestors was a significant reason they denied the permit.“These are places where they go to pray and spend time with their god . . .How would you feel if we put a windmill in your church?” 
6 Jul 2021

Solar power investors burnt by rise in raw materials costs

John Martin, chief executive of the US Solar Fund, said higher raw material prices will probably increase the costs of installing new solar power by 20 per cent — putting solar costs back to the levels they were two years ago. “Decarbonisation costs will come down, but it’s not going to be free — capital will be required,” he said.
21 Jun 2021

$235M Downeast Wind project under review by LUPC

The LUPC on May 19 determined that the wind project is an allowed use in the area, with no rezoning required, but is still reviewing whether the plans meet use requirements for the general management subdistrict, as well as protection districts for floodplains, great pond, remote recreation and wetland. The commission has asked for additional site information from Apex, including more detailed maps about location of turbines and other elements, and a history of the land division on the site.
15 Jun 2021

South Dakota rocked again as a wind turbine plant shuts its doors

A wind blade manufacturing plant located in Aberdeen, South Dakota, has announced it is shutting its doors permanently in less than two months. The disappearance of Molded Fiber Glass will displace over three hundred workers and their families. It marks another major loss of energy jobs in the state following President Joe Biden's halting of the Keystone pipeline on the first day of his administration.
14 Jun 2021

Spotsylvania's solar decommissioning will be a nightmare

Instead of requiring financial assurance, as mandated by Virginia law, the Board of Supervisors agreed to a scheme where no assurance whatsoever would be required for the first five years of the project, and no assurance covering the full cost of decommissioning would be required until the 30th year of the project, even though the useful life of the solar panels is only 15-20 years. But the real problem with the decommissioning scheme is even worse than that. The board was somehow persuaded to agree that the cost of decommissioning would be reduced—“offset” is the term used—by the salvage value of the solar panels installed on the property.
10 Jun 2021

Wind farm opponents win battle in Huron County

A years-long battle over a proposed wind power project in Greenwich Township in southern Huron County apparently has ended with a victory for the project’s opponents. Crossroads Wind Power LLC, as the project is currently known, has filed a notice at the Ohio Power Siting Board declaring that it has relinquished its Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need, the state document which had apparently allowed the project to move forward.
8 Jun 2021
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