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Wind farm appeal set

Those bringing the appeal argue that the modified renewable energy law, passed by the General Assembly this summer in reaction to the Public Utilities Commission's unanimous rejection of the first wind farm contract in March, was unconstitutional.
2 Oct 2010

Work resumes at Roth Rock wind project

Inspection confirmed that the site was in compliance, according to MDE spokesman Jay Apperson. But  Apperson declined to comment on the possibility of fines or other punitive measures against Synergics, saying the situation is "still an active case."
30 Sep 2010

Friends of Lincoln Lakes renews legal challenge to wind project

The Friends group wrote, fears Rollins will have the same alleged violations of state noise regulations found at the three-turbine wind site on the midcoast island of Vinalhaven. "Given the recent findings regarding noise production by the same make and model of turbines that will be used at Rollins, we believe there is a credible basis for the BEP to revoke or suspend Evergreen's license."
30 Sep 2010

Supporters, opponents make final Cape Wind case

"So basically, you're looking at about two-and-a-half times market rates and about double other green projects like land-based wind. This is basically a transfer of wealth from Massachusetts ratepayers to a private developer," Parker said. Robert Rio agrees. He's a senior vice president with Associated Industries of Massachusetts, which represents about 6,000 companies across the state - many of which, he says, would be crippled by higher electric rates if the Cape Wind contract is approved.
29 Sep 2010

Moratorium extended on wind turbines in Lewes

The City Council voted unanimously to extend the moratorium's expiration date from Oct. 18 to March 2011. Mayor Jim Ford said the six-month extension was designed to give the city time to hold a public hearing on the matter and carefully craft the language of a new zoning ordinance for small wind energy systems.
29 Sep 2010

Construction begins for turbine; local residents call for halt

Despite the construction, residents from the neighborhood and surrounding communities are calling for the construction to halt, as well as for more study about the effects on wildlife, human health and property values. As of Sept. 20, Union Beach residents Bart and Susan Sutton over a two-week period had collected 300 signatures of people opposed to the erection of the turbine.
29 Sep 2010

Anti-wind ballot question meets resistance

The question asks whether residents favor zoning the Colonel Holman Mountain ridge and Sugarloaf Mountain starting at 1,000 feet elevation so no commercial or industrial development, except for logging and communication towers, can take place.
28 Sep 2010

New York Power Authority mum on wind farm plans

The agency has repeatedly refused to release any information about the proposals - including denying request from a state senator. Most recently, authority general counsel Terryl Brown denied an appeal of a Democrat and Chronicle request for the proposals under the state Freedom of Information law. Brown said disclosing any information would impair the authority's ability to negotiate with the developers.
27 Sep 2010

Wind turbine on hold

The proposed 750-kilowatt wind turbine would be 335 feet tall and would be located west of the school parking lot. "Unfortunately, the village made the decision not to give us a variance to build it," Spencerville Superintendent Joel Hatfield said. "I just shared the info with the board of education and they will provide me with some direction as to where to go from here."
27 Sep 2010

Oregon wind energy too much to handle

But with more than two dozen new Oregon or Washington wind farms under construction or in the permitting stage, the BPA may soon be compromising the reliability of its hydropower facilities, said Doug Johnson, a spokesman for the agency. The BPA expects that by 2012 its capacity will fall short of the required reserve amount. "The more wind that comes onto the grid, the harder it becomes to balance those resources with our hydropower."
27 Sep 2010

Prattsburgh able to pay its legal bills

While Ecogen alleges the town of Italy has no legal right to deny them building permits last fall, the situation in Prattsburgh is more complicated. After two pro-wind Prattsburgh board members were defeated in their bid for re-election in November, Ecogen threatened it would sue the town if issues were not resolved before the new board was seated.
26 Sep 2010

Authority driving plan for windmills

Even though bidding has closed and the authority is on its way to picking a developer (or developers), there is still very little solid information on this Great Lakes Offshore Wind project. What little information has been made available is still very concerning to me and to many others. It also contradicts what some people think are the benefits. Below I have compiled my list of "myths versus facts".
26 Sep 2010
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