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Watchdog Group, Drafter Say Regulations Are Good

The regulations also have guidelines to follow. Among the guidelines is limiting location. Wind turbines cannot be placed in the following: areas that have potential for biological and/or environmental conflicts, where there are large and intact areas of native vegetation, in places that would interfere with important wildlife movement corridors and staging areas, sites that are readily visible from state-designated scenic byways or popular vistas, sites that require construction activities on steep slopes and sites with potentially sensitive cultural or historical resources.
6 Jan 2006

In March, push comes to shove

We hope other Virginia localities watching these proceedings will profit from learning that currently unreliable wind power is green only for those who are allowed to siphon off government money at taxpayers’ expense and that as this high-cost energy is fed back into the grid, it will result in higher, not lower, electric bills for users. And we hope the cumulative anguish of Highlanders expressed during the hearings will give other decision-makers pause when they consider the real costs of wrongly-sited wind power.
5 Jan 2006

Attend wind turbine hearing Jan. 10

Currently this is an area known for agriculture, rural residential and recreational. Following the guidelines in the ordinance, commercial wind farms will change the character of the ridge and of the county. Is this acceptable? Will land values be affected? Do economic advantages outweigh any problems that may develop? Monroe County residents need to be involved. Come to the public hearing to share your thoughts.
5 Jan 2006

Gamesa granted tower variance

Because of the temporary nature of the wind assessment tower, and because it will be installed within an 8,000 acre tract of land and hundreds of feet from any property line, planning commissioners granted the international manufacturer of wind turbines a conditional variance Thursday night.
23 Dec 2005
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