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Turbine critics rip state report

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Kenneth Kimmell told the audience that state officials have not made up their mind on the question of whether there are health effects from the operation of turbines, such as the two at the Falmouth wastewater treatment facility and a third private turbine built nearby.
17 Feb 2012

Wind turbine noise disturbs camp serenity

We own a camp near Lowville and those wind towers have ruined the serenity of the area. I cried the first night we spent at our camp after the turbines were turned on. It was in the spring with all the windows closed. I couldn't sleep with the constant whump, whump, whump of the towers all night long.
16 Feb 2012

Wind Energy, Noise Pollution

Newspaper stories from Missouri, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Britain, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and New Zealand indicate that the wind-turbine-noise problem is global and that the frustration among rural landowners is growing. The wind-energy lobby desperately wants to downplay the problems associated with low-frequency noise and infrasound. That's not surprising. The industry has no solution for the noise problem, except, of course, to increase the setbacks between wind turbines and residential areas.
2 Feb 2012

Report: Wind turbines don't cause health problems

In the report, the authors said limited evidence showed that a "very loud wind turbine could cause disrupted sleep, particularly in vulnerable populations, at a certain distance, while a very quiet wind turbine would not likely disrupt even the lightest of sleepers at that same distance.'' They added: "But there is not enough evidence to provide particular sound-pressure thresholds at which wind turbines cause sleep disruption.''
17 Jan 2012

Roxbury residents lodge turbine noise complaints

Kuras told Roxbury selectmen Tuesday night that the low frequency noise sounds like something heavy tumbling in a clothes dryer. ..."I know what the ice in the lake sounds like and this noise is not that," she said. "This is a repetitive thumping sound: a whemp, whemp. What was once a quiet night's sleep is now this."
12 Jan 2012

Edison VP responds to W.Va. noise complaints

Richard Braithwaite, who lives three-quarters of a mile from the turbines, complained about the noise and presented a petition to the Mineral County commission during a Dec. 13 meeting. "You have got to hear (the wind turbines) to believe it. When the wind blows from the east, it sounds like a railroad train," said Braithwaite during the commission meeting.
8 Jan 2012

Wind farm noise rules endorsed

Attorney Rick Porter, representing a Lee County landowner, contended the public should have been given access to the proposal. And he said it seemed as if only representatives of Ireland-based Mainstream Renewable Power, which is planning a three-county wind farm, had a copy.
6 Jan 2012

Turbine noise mars quality of life

The windmills cause an extremely loud disturbance to the point that lying down at night to have a good night's sleep is impossible. I recently attended a county commission meeting, to see what the commissioners could do to help the Cross residents with the noise from the windmills. The three commissioners showed no interest in helping with this problem. One in particular spoke to a relative and said, "You wanted the windmills, now live with them."
5 Jan 2012

School Committee chairwoman says they will study material on health risks of wind turbines

Opponents said the turbines will be close enough to the new elementary planned for the Wood School site to warrant study of their potential health risks. Ms. Kuechler said that at the end of the meeting, "A couple of the members said they thought it is a good idea to look at the information." Since then, she said, "We're all in the process of individually looking at that."
22 Dec 2011

New information has come to light since Fairhaven approved wind turbines

If the Town of Fairhaven refuses to acknowledge new, scientific and experiential evidence that is being made available to them before the turbines are constructed, it seems to me that we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of lawsuits against the town for negligence. And that might end up costing us a lot more than what the wind industry is promising us.
22 Dec 2011

Keyser residents sign petition to stop more industrial wind development

The two major concerns with the wind turbines are the noise that they make and the unsafe conditions that Tasker and Pinnacle roads were left in following the installation of 23 wind turbines, explained Braithwaite. "You have got to hear (the wind turbines) to believe it. When the wind blows from the east, it sounds like a railroad train."
14 Dec 2011
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