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Fairfield residents given noise generators to drown out sound of windmills

Tobin says people don't realize what it's like to try to try and sleep at night with these windmills going around and around when everything else is quiet. Tobin said, "I've had a few friends of mine that came up ...they said 'well that aint nothin'. When they sat there and were were talking, they said 'my gosh, how the heck do you put up with this'. Yea, cause it's constant. It don't go away. It sounds like a plane that never stops. It just goes and goes and goes."
16 Jul 2012

Noise reduction system to be installed at Hardscrabble Wind Farm

The test results show repeated excursions beyond the legal limit. Simultaneous with its release of the report on sound testing, Iberdrola Renewables announced it would immediately begin testing the use of a proprietary noise reduction system developed by Gamesa, the manufacturer of the turbines. ...The town councils in both Fairfield and Norway have directed Iberdrola Renewables to report back to them on the results of the test no later than their next meeting in the month of September.
14 Jul 2012

Tests conducted to reduce turbine noise; Herkimer County site uses quieting software on wind power units

The turbines, at 476 feet, are the tallest in the state so far. The two towns also were the first in the state to require sound testing of turbines after construction, rather than relying solely on pre-construction models to predict sound levels. ...Tests at the Hardscabble farm done in the spring and winter of 2011 found noise levels from the turbines were spiking as high as 60 decibles, Melewski said.
14 Jul 2012

Sen. Lasee: Responds to attack by wind special interest groups

If the members of WEBA (Wisconsin Energy Business Association) are being honest about their belief that wind turbines do not cause negative health effects, then I suppose I will have three very happy families in my district. The WEBA members can buy the homes these families have been forced to abandon at fair market value before the IWT's were built and move in or resell them for what they can get now.
13 Jul 2012

Noise Reduction System to be installed at Hardscrabble Wind Farm

The town board recently authorized the testing of an a Noise Reduction System by Iberdrola Renewables to test 37 turbines - 25 of which are located in Fairfield - at Hardscrabble Wind Farm. The test will ensure that the turbines are in compliance with noise levels required by the special use permit issued by the company, according to a news release.
13 Jul 2012

Wind Association executive to state bureaucrats: 'delete these types of emails'

Written 14 months ago, the context of the email was what appears to have been a successful effort by government bureaucrats to derail a pending noise level reduction recommendation. The email advising state employees delete conversations was one of several emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act pertaining to the wind turbine noise level issue.
12 Jul 2012

Noisy wind turbines cause resident complaints; Borough officials cut operating time for turbines

Several noise violations from the borough's two power-generating wind turbines has led the Borough Council to shut the systems down between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. during the week. ...Borough officials received correspondence dated March 30 from the Ocean County Health Department indicating that a noise recording demonstrated violations of the state administrative code.
12 Jul 2012

Wind plants: How loud is too loud?

"Neither the siting rules nor the sound prediction studies that have been performed in connection with wind energy applications in West Virginia sufficiently captures what the reality will likely be once a project is in operation, or how the sounds are heard at various reference points in the vicinity of the project."
28 Jun 2012

Pinnacle noise complaint dismissed

In a case that may well be be cited in the future by other wind farm owners calling for the dismissal of noise or other complaints associated with their projects, the PSC ruled that "the Commission does not retain the statutorily defined, continuing jurisdiction to address the issues raised by the Complainant." ... The Commission did note, however, that Braithwaite and others have recourse through the courts.
20 Jun 2012

Turbine options group considers costs of shutting machines down

Town assessor and group member David Bailey said the town will need to raise $644,000 in funds if the turbines do not operate in Fiscal Year 2014. That number includes $524,000 to pay the debt on Wind 1 and ongoing turbine maintenance for one year, and $120,000 to pay for electricity at the wastewater treatment plant. That is just less than $54,000 every month that the turbines do not operate, he said.
15 Jun 2012

Falmouth Health Board debates shutting down turbines

Board member George Heufelder said the state health officials are swamped with requests for studies, but he believes they will respond to the Falmouth request. "They're not beyond moving something to the top of the pile" for political reasons, he said. The state officials should study the health effects of wind turbines, he said, because of the state energy policy promoting wind turbines and the corresponding health concerns.
8 Jun 2012
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