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Sheffield family's concerns over wind project noise see independent monitoring installed

Luann and Steve Therrien have been complaining since the spring about how noise from the turbines is impacting their family's sleep and more. ..."At Baily's [Luann's daughter] last doctor's visit, I voiced my concerns and she advised me move," she said. ...And Seager's [their toddler son] behavior is not good when the towers are loud." Special thanks to the Cal-Rec for permitting us to post this article in full.
19 Oct 2012

McBain family sues wind turbine developer

The Wiltzer family claims to have suffered from numerous issues as a result of the wind turbine's construction, including sleep disturbance, dizziness, stress, fatigue, weight loss, headaches, motion disturbance, and so on. According to the suit, the members of the family live in a cottage in order to avoid the health effects of living near the wind turbine.
27 Aug 2012

Your View: Let's see Fairhaven Wind's SCADA data

The testing is little more than a bit of performance art, designed to appease those who are ignorant about the ill health effects caused by these industrial monstrosities. The most these noise measurements can show is that turbines comply with a law crafted in 1962 for the purpose of measuring things like the noise created by cars rushing past a residential neighborhood on a new highway.
25 Aug 2012

Outside review critical of 1st wind noise monitoring

"I found the report to be overly complex and difficult. I disagree with some of the technical discussions and at times found them to be weak and at times misleading. Unfortunately, there was no requirement or interest to assess the acoustic environment for potential negative human responses; i.e., complaints. This greatly weakens the ability for regulating agencies to understand why people are complaining."
7 Aug 2012

Kingston wind turbine developer won't conduct sound study

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center will both pay for and conduct a sound study of the Kingston wind turbine Independence, according to Kingston Wind Independence co-manager Kially Ruiz. Ruiz said Kingston Wind Independence asked the Clean Energy Center to voluntarily step in and conduct the sound assessment, and the quasi-public agency has agreed to do so. He said he wants the facts on the table for everyone to see.
27 Jul 2012

Spruce Mt. Wind neighbors complain of "aircraft" sound

Woodstock property owners near the Spruce Mountain Wind turbines - particularly camp owners on Shagg and Concord ponds - said at a public informational meeting last week that noise from the towers is louder than expected, because it carries over water and bounces off nearby hills. Its effects, some said, include sleepless nights and headaches, as well as general annoyance.
26 Jul 2012
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