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How clean is green? Nevada town fights to keep solar industry out of desert

Among those impacts is damage to the desert’s crust, a thin layer of soil on the surface that acts like a seal, trapping both carbon and nutrients underneath. Removing the crust can contribute to powerful dust storms that release particles and carbon into the air, Johnson said. Those particles can be unhealthy, especially for people with existing respiratory conditions. Last week, a solar company was fined almost $220,000 for failing to control dust during construction and blowing some 70 tons of excess dust into the air, The Associated Press reported. 
29 Nov 2021

RFP To Go Out Next Month For Turbines’ Removal In Falmouth

The Town of Falmouth plans on issuing requests for proposals by mid- to late December to have the two wind turbines at the wastewater treatment plant dismantled. The news of momentum in removing the turbines came during the Monday night, November 22, select board meeting, when Finance Director Jennifer Mullen and special counsel Christopher Morog presented an update to board members.
26 Nov 2021

Something in the Wind: Wind turbine blades found on City property cause a stir

Ted Petersen, Environmental Program Supervisor for the Iowa DNR, was on-site with Wylie in October on another matter when he noticed the blades. The DNR did not feel any action was necessary at that time but after Stancil made the official complaint to the DNR about the blades and that grinding had taken place outdoors, the DNR ordered that no further grinding occur at the site until authorization from the DNR Air Quality Bureau is obtained. A permit may also be required for the grinding process.
22 Nov 2021

Leeward Renewable Energy cancels Highland Wind Farm project in Town of Forest

“We are relieved and gratified that the Highland Wind Farm project has been stopped, once and for all. We thank the leadership of Leeward for dong the right thing for our community, but also for the environment,” said Jaime Junker, chair of the Forest Town Board. “Although I am only one board member and it is not practical for the town board to make a formal statement as a board without a board meeting, in time the board will have a chance to put perspective to its and the residents of Forest more than ten-year opposition of the Highland Wind Farm,” he said.
22 Nov 2021

Company plans to grind wind turbine blades near Earlham

A Bondurant company plans to use large wood chippers to grind old wind turbine blades into bits to recycle them, but its work site near Earlham has drawn scorn and pushback from anti-turbine residents in Madison County. ...Stancil raised alarm with the city, county, DNR and Iowa Attorney General’s Office, in part because Renewablade was in talks with MidAmerican to potentially take possession of about 500 old turbine blades. 
22 Nov 2021

Boulder City solar farm fined nearly $220k for air quality violations

A Boulder City solar farm construction site has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines this year for air quality violations, according to Clark County regulators. Since April, the county has fined Rosendin Electric nearly $220,000 for failing to control dust during construction of a roughly 1,000-acre solar farm off of Interstate 11. In all but one of the eight instances, Rosendin has not contested the fines. The county says the company is putting its business interests ahead of complying with air-quality standards.
20 Nov 2021

High winds shut down some wind turbines across North Dakota

The Dean of the National Energy Center of Excellence at Bismarck State College says winds in the teens are ideal. When wind gusts climb into the high 40s and 50s, wind turbines are at risk of damage. “The blades are always turning at the same speed, but just that force and that pressure on the blades can damage the blades, put more stress on the gear box.” 
17 Nov 2021

Lava Ridge Wind Project faces criticism

That feeling of being completely isolated from the outside world is something all of those who were incarcerated felt. Sakura remembers the song, "Don't Fence Me In" by Cole Porter being a popular tune among others living there at the time because it gave them a feeling of hope. Sakura thinks that the wind turbine project would ruin the immersion of what it was like at Minidoka over 70 years ago and that feeling of being alone and secluded. Especially due to the sheer height of these wind turbines.
28 Oct 2021

Investors on board as U.S. oil majors dismiss wind and solar projects

Michael Liss, senior portfolio manager of the American Century Value Fund, said it owns more of the U.S. majors than European partly because the American companies spend a lesser share of capital on things like renewable power and alternative fuels at a time when oil demand remains strong. "We think their pace is going to be more realistic" in the adoption of new energy sources, Liss said.
27 Oct 2021

Xcel wants to increase Minnesota residential electricity bills by nearly 20%

The new rate case would be Xcel's second multi-year rate case since the state legislature allowed them in 2015. In 2017, the PUC approved a four-year rate deal for Xcel Energy that raised residential rates by 10.6%. That deal was retroactive to 2016, and it followed five consecutive years of rate hikes for Xcel. In both 2019 and 2020, Xcel proposed new three-year rate plans, with the last one calling for a total of $597 million in new revenue.
26 Oct 2021

Irate farmers blast environmental harm caused by solar array

With Dominion, like many other utilities around the country, eager to jump on the renewable energy bandwagon, more fiascos like the one in Louisa County – whether courtesy of Big Solar or Big Wind – are in the offing. The Biden administration is eager to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, come what may. That burden will fall disproportionately on rural areas, where arable land will be used for industrial-scale wind and solar projects.
21 Oct 2021

Renewables giants nixed from clean energy index

Seven of the 15 companies removed from the Global Clean Energy Index are American, including solar and wind giant NextEra, a $160 billion company that’s taken heavy advantage of government subsidies to grow its portfolio. A NextEra representative declined to comment.
21 Oct 2021

Icebreaker wind project proposed for Lake Erie needs to find more financing soon

If the Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. (LEEDCo), the non-profit behind Icebreaker, is not successful in securing additional financing by the end of the year, the Department of Energy will likely rescind what’s left of the $50 million grant it extended to LEEDCo nearly a decade ago, advocates said. That would almost certainly spell the end of the Icebreaker, said Will Friedman, president and CEO of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority.
20 Oct 2021
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