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Wind Power: Cutting the Spin

Sen. Lasee is now pushing for more regulations on wind energy that could limit its future growth even more. "What I'd like to do is at the very least, follow the lead of Australia and have a mile and a quarter setback from anybody's property line," said Sen. Lasee.
30 Apr 2013

Scituate Town Meeting: Voters narrowly reject article to shut down wind turbine

Thompson said that placing a 400-ft tall industrial wind turbine within 650 feet of a residence was "outrageous." "But that is exactly what has happened in the case of the McKeever family," he said. "And legislation allows wind developers and their engineering supporters to proceed with these developments using modeling that grossly understates the levels of noise and strobe light generated by these industrial wind turbines."
19 Apr 2013

Lawsuit alleges wind power; A threat to health and safety

"We've now moved our beds to the basement in a storage room," Shineldecker said. "After living in my house for 18 years, [we're sleeping] in a storage room on an air mattress so I can try to sleep . . . so my lovely wife can get up and go and try to teach second graders and be awake in the morning. "We have been up multiple, multiple nights and cannot sleep."
16 Apr 2013

Scituate selectman candidates talk wind turbine

Burbine, 64, a small-business owner, said the residents who live near the turbine, which is off the Driftway, need relief. ..."You can't help but feel empathy, and (I'm) so sad for those people that are dealing with all of this without any real recourse," Burbine said."If we've got to spend a little bit of money, risk-wise, to say, ‘OK, let's turn it off from 7 p.m. at least until first thing in the morning,' we might risk $100,000," Gilmore said. "What's $100,000 (if we're protecting residents)?"
12 Apr 2013

Fairhaven official apologizes for turbine 'suffering'

Murphy said he hopes to provide some relief for the 57 families who have filed complaints about the turbines at the wastewater treatment plant on Arsene Street, including the noise they generate. "I am sorry for all of your suffering and what you have been through," he said. "I realize that many of you tried to speak out and were denied a place on our agenda, and I thank you for your persistence."
10 Apr 2013

Falmouth Town Meeting voters refuse to fund removal of wind turbines

Although it passed by a simple majority, Article 22 failed to yield the 2/3 majority needed for a vote on borrowing money. Selectmen plan to present an amended warrant article when special Town Meeting resumes at 7 p.m. April 10 at the Lawrence School auditorium. ...While Town Meeting Member Marc Finneran said, "This pits money against people's welfare, and I always come down on the side of people's welfare."
10 Apr 2013

Mason County wind farm neighbors sue Consumers Energy, claim physical harm from Lake Winds Energy Park

The lawsuit claims the plaintiffs will continue to suffer harm, including physical injury, emotional distress and loss of property value if they continue to be exposed to the wind farm's operation. The $250 million Lake Winds Energy Park development generates 100.8 megawatts of electricity. Its Vestas turbines are 312 feet high at the hub, with rotor blades having a 328-foot diameter.
8 Apr 2013

Wind industry pulling out all the stops to defend its technology

Wind Spin leapt up a notch with news out of two new studies showing that people who say wind turbines are making them sick are making it up because they have been influenced by anti-wind campaigns. In other words, the wind industry says if you are sick it is because you are so stupid that you will believe anything someone tells you. And in Vermont, anti-winders were informed that they are part of a conspiracy to undermine the wind industry, in concert with the oil industry and the Koch Brothers.
8 Apr 2013

Lawsuit filed over wind farm

A group of homeowners living near Consumers Energy wind turbines in Riverton and Summit townships are currently suing the company for damages they say are caused by operating the turbines. There are 17 people who have joined as plaintiffs in the case, which was filed Monday. ...The 56-turbine park began operations on Thanksgiving Day 2012.
6 Apr 2013

Falmouth To Vote On Removing Wind Turbines

State energy officials, with their goal of expanding wind energy in Massachusetts, are watching all of this closely, but have been careful to not step in to the Falmouth fray. Alicia Barton, head of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, a quasi-public agency, would not say whether there were mistakes made in Falmouth, but she did say there were some lessons.
2 Apr 2013

Scituate says no to combining wind turbine studies

The neighbors, who say the turbine is hurting their health, announced earlier this week they would hire an acoustical engineer to test the noise levels of the turbine. They want their study to be performed on the same nights as the study conducted by Tech Environmental, the firm picked by the health board to study the turbine.
30 Mar 2013
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