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Obama's blocking of new Power plants triggers nationwide blackouts

Hospitals are supposed to be exempt from the blackouts which hit yesterday, with power company Oncor attributing the outages to a "mistake," but there were no such mistakes when it came to supplying power to Cowboys Stadium. The government has ensured that the blackouts will not affect Super Bowl venues, a decision that has left residents furious.
3 Feb 2011

Wind turbine blade falls off again at Elkton-Pigeon- Bay Port

Smith said brief power outages experienced in the area cause the three turbines to instantly stop and recoil, which fatigues the blades in the area where they are likely to break. When the blades are new, they're more flexible and durable. ...we are going to direct all maintenance employees to approach away from the blades and keep visitors away. The blade ejection happens rarely, but we need to err on the side of safety.
3 Dec 2010

Blade comes off wind turbine at Perkins High School

This was the second time in two years the school district had a wind turbine fail due to a problem with blades. The turbine that failed this week was not the one that had earlier problems, officials said. "At this point we're going to take a step back, find out what happened and make decisions from there," Perkins school Superintendent Jim Gunner said.
1 Dec 2010

Portsmouth turbine stops turning

The problem seems to be a relay switch which has been repeatedly switching off for reasons unknown, said Mr. Crosby who has overseen the town's wind turbine project. ...The situation is complicated by the bankruptcy earlier this year of AAER, the Canadian firm that supplied the wind turbine to Portsmouth and provided the warranty protection.
28 Oct 2010

Completion of wind turbine repairs

The turbine sustained damage when it was struck by lightning in May. Initial inspections revealed a split on the outer tip of one blade that was less than 24 inches long. The split was repaired by LES and Vestas (the turbine's manufacturer with which LES has a service agreement) at an estimated cost of $45,000.
18 Oct 2010

Fenner turbines turning

Enel engineers and industry experts are still investigating the cause of the 329-foot machine's collapse. According to Enel Spokesman Hank Sennott, the company has been able to rule out what did not cause the accident ...Geography and weather are still points of interest in the investigation.
12 Aug 2010

Storm's bolt damages blade at Shoreway

A wind turbine installed at Shoreway Shopping Center last month did fine until it was pitted against an untamed energy source - lightning. One blade of the 100-kilowatt turbine, atop a 120-foot tower in the Shoreway Shopping Center parking lot, was hit by lightning during a thunderstorm Wednesday night.
3 Aug 2010

Lightening strike burns down wind turbine

A lightening strike started a fire in a wind turbine Saturday morning, destroying the turbine and one of three new blades that had been laid out on the ground beneath it in order to be installed as replacements. Damages totaled $760,000, according to Peterson Fire Chief John Winterboer.
1 Aug 2010

An Ill Wind? -- Broken turbine blades bother nearby resident

Ellsworth came from Germany to live in rural Marseilles 17 years ago with her husband, who is from Morris. She researched the operating record of towers, primarily in Germany, where she said they have much longer experience. As a result of this experience, she said Germans never erect wind towers any closer to a home than one mile. "Blades can tear off and be like missiles," she said.
28 Jul 2010

Did blowing winds break the blades?

Miner said crews are examining the two towers to see if there is any damage to other components. At any rate, a crane will be brought in and the blades replaced. The replacement process will take at least a few weeks. About one year ago, another blade broke in the same area. In that case, high wind caused the damage.
27 Jul 2010
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