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ICC grants Rock Island Clean Line conditional permission for powerline; Decision does not grant authority needed to request eminent domain.

Issuance of a CPCN gives RICL the right to survey and engage in other pre-siting activities but landowners do not have to grant easements to RICL.  The Illinois Farm Bureau® (IFB), the Illinois Landowners Alliance, ComEd and the ICC staff argued that the ICC should not grant RICL authority under Section 8-503 of the PUA directing and authorizing construction of the transmission line.
26 Nov 2014

Proposed wind-energy transmission line jolts some farmers

“In our opinion, the RICL transmission line does not serve a public good in the state,” Sheridan said. “No electricity will be used in Iowa. They’re also promoting the development of thousands of wind turbines in western Iowa and South Dakota. If somebody wants to put a bunch of wind turbines on your land, it’s a personal choice. This is not a personal choice."
23 Nov 2014

Wyoming wind gridlock

Why on earth would anyone want to get into the costly, complicated business of wind generation and transmission? ...The business case is to bring renewable energy from Wyoming to California. But like anything else, that remains to be seen, so it is a gamble.
28 Aug 2014

Lines, wind farm ok'd

Meeting Monday in Columbus, the board approved a plan to run a power line that will stretch from Fremont to near Sandusky. The board said the Hayes-West Fremont 138 kilovolt Transmission line will bypass Peninsular Farms, a historic property near Fremont. A previous proposed route had threatened the farm.
28 Aug 2014

Texas is wired for wind power, and more farms plug in

The $7 billion is being paid for by all customers, under the regulated portion of the Texas system, which covers transmission and distribution. The Texas Public Utility Commission said the typical residential ratepayer was charged an extra $6 a month or so. “There are some things about the CREZ lines that can leave a bad taste in your mouth.”
27 Jul 2014

Analysis: Texas considers passing on transmission costs

Nelson is pushing hard for the re-assessment. She has in the past criticised the wind production tax credit (PTC), even although it is a federal policy and not in her purview. A proportion of her three-page memo was about the PTC. It stated: "The federal [PTC] distorts wholesale electric markets... While this commission has no ability to change what Congress does, we do have an obligation to Texans to periodically review whether our rules appropriately assign cost to those who cause those costs."
22 Jul 2014
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