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Farmersville to conduct public hearings tonight on wind water conservation laws

The Farmersville Town Board will conduct public hearings on two local laws tonight at 7 o’clock, including a 2020 Wind Energy Facilities Local Law. The 56-page local law was introduced at an emergency meeting last Monday after the town board voted 3-2 to void the town’s 2019 wind law, which included a 600-foot wind turbine tip height and 1.3 times tip height, or 900 feet to a property line.
13 Jan 2020

Invenergy hopes to work with towns on Alle-Catt project despite voided wind laws

New wind laws were introduced in Farmersville and Freedom Monday night. Both town boards will conduct public hearings on the proposed laws this coming Monday night. In the meantime, earlier local laws in both towns remain in effect. The biggest difference is that the existing laws have a 450-foot height limit for turbines, while the recently-passed local laws conform to requests by Invenergy for 600-foot (ground top blade tip) turbine.
10 Jan 2020

Wind farm opponents to take case to county

Burns stressed the need to press county commissioners to adopt a county zoning plan that set regulations and guidelines for wind farm development. He said everyone has the right to do what they want with their own property, but that right only extends to the point it damages someone else’s rights. Lori Lovelace, a local appraiser, said from appraisals she had done in Coffey County, where a wind farm was constructed several years ago, and from other appraisals she had seen done of properties near wind farms, home values saw a reduction of some 20 percent.
10 Jan 2020

Columbia wind project proposed

A total of 30 wind turbines would be spread out over that area on tracts of private land for which Apex has obtained 30-year leases. The turbine hubs will stand 410 feet tall and will be 656 feet total from base to the turbine tip. Approximately eight of the turbines will be in Columbia on land located off Route 1 in the 4 Corners area.
8 Jan 2020

Allegany County IDA criticized over timing, lack of notice of Alle-Catt hearing

Schroder said by agreeing to a P.I.L.O.T. for Alle-Catt, the IDA would find itself “in a dance with the devil.” She cited the state attorney general’s fine of the company for failing to make financial disclosures that more than 10 town officials or their relatives in five towns had leases with Invenergy. The company was fined $25,000 for the lack of compliance. “Their lack of compliance does not inspire confidence this company will do the right thing,” she said.
3 Jan 2020

Giant wind farm nears approval for new, longer blades

Caithness is asking for permission to “repower” the three units of the Shepherds Flat wind farm, which totals 238 turbines in Gilliam and Morrow counties. The Energy Facility Siting Council late last month posted a proposed order backing the move for one of the units, along with draft orders for the other two units.
2 Jan 2020

The trouble with wind farms

Local jurisdictions that must pass on permits for wind energy projects are beginning to wonder what happens when the towers reach the end of their useful lives. The industry estimates that the towers can operate for 25 or more years, and then companies building them will either rebuild and modernize or “decommission” them and haul them off to the scrap yard for recycling. ...The problem is that wind farm operators have routinely overestimated the salvage value of their windmills and underestimated the costs involved in removing them to get permitted jurisdictions to lower how much they are required to put aside.
1 Jan 2020

Eminent domain should be used rarely

Just a few days ago we saw a serious blow dealt to the rights of property owners as the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern District ruled in favor of allowing the Grain Belt Express to move forward. This project would allow an out-of-state private company to utilize eminent domain to seize land in eight counties across Missouri, including Buchanan County, in order to build a power line that would transmit energy to parts of our state, but primarily to customers outside our borders. The bottom line is the project would cause Missouri citizens to lose their land so a private company could increase its profits. 
28 Dec 2019

In upstate New York, wind farms are rising rapidly. How they're ripping communities apart

But the push for more renewable energy has encountered considerable headwinds from opponents who claim upstate's scenic beauty is being sacrificed for downstate energy needs. Aesthetics is just one of a several issues opponents have raised to fight what they deem as blights on the landscape. Some residents are waging vigorous fights opposing turbines, saying the structures sited in the shadow of their homes will depress property values, one of a host of other concerns. And they're claiming some victories.
19 Dec 2019
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